Salvage team boards drifting tanker off France

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By Euronews  with AFP
Salvage team boards drifting tanker off France

A stricken cargo ship that had been drifting off the French coast is being towed to safety in the Spanish port of Bilbao.

The 164-metre long vessel “Modern Express” has been drifting since its crew was evacuated by helicopter last week.

The ship is carrying 3,600 tonnes of wood and construction machinery from Gabon to France.

The concern was the Modern Express would come ashore somewhere in the Landes department.

It is now being towed into a safe harbour in Bilbao.

Responsibility for the vessel has now passed to the Spanish maritime authority.

Salvage workers have been prevented from boarding the ship, due to its degree of list and the rough sea conditions.

Four Dutch specialists were able to get on board on Monday when the weather improved.