A migrant Christmas in Zwickau, Germany

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By Euronews
A migrant Christmas in Zwickau, Germany

It is a tradition which stretches back decades in the German town of Zwickau – the Christmas market. But for four Syrian refugees it is their first taste of the festive season in their new home.

After a perilous journey via the Mediterannean and a trek across the Balkans the Habashieh family from Damascus is now determined to integrate into life in Zwickau to where they were transferred last month.

“It’s one of may dreams to go back to university and for that I have to take the first step which is speak German and that is what I am planning for 2016. Yes that is what I am planning for 2016. I will speak German, very good German and I am very excited about it,” explained Reem Habashieh.

The family hopes their Yueltide cheer will be complete after their asylum interview later this month.

Almost all Syrian asylum seekiers get German residency for up to three years.

They are among the fortunate few as the majority of nearly one million migrants in Germany remain in overcrowded reception centres.