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Paris Attacks: who were the attackers?

Paris Attacks: who were the attackers?
By Everton Gayle
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Three Belgians arrested

One terrorist identified

Syrian passport found next to body of a suicide bomber

192 dead, 352 injured. Seven terrorists killed

A number of arrests have been made in the wake of the Paris attacks, according to the prosecutor in Paris.

François Molins said three Belgians had been detained. One Frenchman had been positively identified.

Molins said there were three co-ordinated teams behind Friday’s atrocity, which left 129 dead, 352 injured, of whom 99 are critical. Seven terrorists were killed.

One of the attackers from Le Bataclan has been formally identified by his fingerprints. He was born on 21 November 1985 in France, was known by authorities for petty crimes but never jailed, said Molins.

The prosecutor also said that a Syrian passport was found close to one of the bodies of a suicide bomber at the Stade de France.

What we know about the attacks

From witness statements and analysis of videos, the first explosion took place at the gates of the Stade de France where France were playing Germany. Two bodies were found. One was a suicide bomber while a passer-by was hit.

The second attack took place at around 21.25 in the 10th arrondissement. Fifteen were killed in and around the Le Petit Cambodge in Rue Bichat. The assailants were said to be driving a black Seat and had Kalashnikov assault rifles. More than 100 bullet cartridges were found at the scene of crime.

[video] Paris prosecutor says three Belgians arrested in connection with #parisattacks – 129 dead, 352 injured

— euronews (@euronews) November 14, 2015

At 21.30 there was a second explosion at Gate H of the Stade de France. Authorities found another suicide bomber’s body, with an explosive vest similar to the first.
Minutes later there was a further shooting at the Bar La Bonne Biere in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. Five people were killed and eight injured. Again witnesses report seeing shooters in a black Seat-type car. Again more than 100 cartridges found.

The Belle Equipe at Rue de Charonne was the next place to be hit with 19 people killed on the terrace of the establishment. A black car, similar to a Seat was seen again. Nine people were critically injured.
This was followed by a suicide attack at 21.40 in the Conte Voltaire at Boulevard Voltaire. The attacker, who was wearing identical gear to the perpetrators at Stade de France, detonated a device. Several were seriously injured.

Next a black vehicle pulled up outside Le Bataclan in Boulevard Voltaire. Three individuals in combat gear opened up on the crowd at the concert and took 20 hostages. This was the worst attack of the evening. The terrorists evoked Syria and Iraq while killing and maiming. During the assault by security forces, one terrorist was shot. The others let off explosive devices. The Bataclan attack resulted in 89 dead and numerous injured

A third explosion took place at the Stade de France at 21.53 and the body of a suicide bomber was found

The seven terrorists all used Kalashnikov rifles and explosive devices that were identical, designed to produce a maximum number of victims. Each had an explosive belt.

Molins says they have identified a black Seat and Polo. The car’s registration was captured and the vehicle was allegedly rented by a French resident living in Belgium. This individual was controlled checked on the border.

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