Is there life on Mars? NASA announces liquid water discovered

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By Euronews  with NASA
Is there life on Mars? NASA announces liquid water discovered

Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars. This was the out of this world announcement from NASA following years of exploration on the Red Planet.

Mars, to all appearances a frozen desert, is not the dry planet we originally thought it to be, said Jim Green, Director of Planetary Science.

“These discoveries are very important, but they were only part of the hydrological cycle on Mars, that we are just now beginning to understand. What we are going to announce today is that Mars is not that dry, arid planet we thought of in the past.”

Scientists revealed briny water may flow on the planet’s surface during its summer months.

Different soils sampled were found to be moist and full of water.

Dark streaks, known as recurring slope lineae, or RSL, are now known to have been caused by flowing water.

So what does this tell us about potential life on Mars? Exploration by the Curiosity Rover proves that billions of years ago it was once a planet similar to Earth.

If there was life when the Red Planet came into being, billions of years ago, did any survive? And could the planet support life today? Scientists say, technologically, we will now be able to answer those questions.