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Hungary's army can shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at refugees

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By Euronews
Hungary's army can shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at refugees

Hungry’s parliament has authorised its army to shoot rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, (flashbangs), net guns and tear gas grenades at migrants.

They say that the use of the so-called non-lethal weapons will help Hungary’s military handle the migrant crisis.

As Hungary rushes to finish building a fence along its border with Croatia, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the police needed the army’s help to secure Hungary’s borders with Serbia and Croatia.

“The migrants are not only banging on our doors but they are breaking them down. Not a few hundred, not a few thousand but hundreds of thousands, even millions besiege the borders of Hungary and the European Union,” said Orban before lawmakers voted on the controversial measures. “We cannot see where the end is. There are plenty more coming, millions are setting out on the journey.”

Amnesty International said in a statement that “Hungary is violating the human rights of refugees by blocking their access to a meaningful asylum procedure on its territory. Amendments of the law criminalizing the ‘illegal’ entry of refugees and migrants and intended to shift Hungary’s responsibility towards those in need of international protection must be repealed.”

Meanwhile, in a bid to stop the flow of migrants, EU member state Croatia has blocked trucks from entering from neighbouring Serbia.

But refugees already in Croatia are being allowed to leave in growing numbers.

Croatia is not one of the 26 Schengen zone countries that have removed passport and immigration controls at their borders.

“They came from the Schengen area and they want to go, [back], to the Schengen area so we will not deter them here,” said Croatia’s Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic. “They will get refreshments and everything we can give them . If anyone seeks asylum in Croatia he will get it immediately.”