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What the top tweets worldwide are saying about #refugees

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By Euronews
What the top tweets worldwide are saying about #refugees

The poignant and compelling images of desperate people risking everything to find refuge in Europe continue to generate reams of comment and reaction in mainstream and social media.

Here are the top three most re-tweeted Tweets containing the word ‘refugee’, in various languages (as of Wednesday September 9, source: Tweetdeck). As you scroll down, just after each language heading, we give a translation of the three comments into English.

English – ‘refugees’

(Editor’s note: Katie Hopkins is an outspoken conservative commentator who wants the government to use gun ships against migrants trying to get into the UK)

French – ‘réfugiés’

The three comments in French say:

(1) As well as putting up one million euros, Bayern’s going to give the refugees training grounds, free meals and German lessons!

(2) Bayern Munich is going to donate 1M€ to help the refugees who make it to Germany!

(3) Destabilise a country, bomb it, be surprised to see refugees arrive from that country, let them die, tell them it’s their fault.

German – ‘flüchtling’

(1) Bertolt Brecht was a refugee, too. Nice poem by him about it.

(2) Enough! Nazis attack refugees in Budapest, Pakistani refugee dies in Bicske

(3) Who are we? Are our values really worth it if we let things like this happen?

Italian – ‘rifugiati’

(1) A.S. Roma football club rallies fans and other clubs to donate money to support the refugees, calling the fund ‘Football Cares’

(2) We invite all the clubs and fans to make a donation.

(3) Why is Germany the only country where the surge of refugees isn’t causing panic?

Spanish – ‘refugiados’

(1) Welcome. You are safe. Vienna’s message to the refugees getting off trains.

(2) The countries taking in the most refugees: USA, Russia, China, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain. What a joke! The world’s top eight arms merchants.

(3) They are frightened and exhausted. The Syrian refugee children need you. Donate to UNICEF.

Portuguese – ‘refugiados’

(1) What are the Syrian refugees fleeing? This Kobane, birthplace of the little boy whose drowning so moved the world.

(2) How do you think homeless people in Portugal feel when they see refugees getting houses in Portugal, when they live in the street?

(3) Portugal gives foreign refugees shelter but the homeless living in the street don’t have the right to a roof over their heads?

Hungarian – ‘menekültek’

(1) The refugees walking quite calmly in the bus lane. What was frightening is that hooligans were throwing firecrackers at them and the police had to close the road.

(2) Refugees walking in Rákóczi Street in Budapest.

(3) Refugees are fleeing Bicske camp.