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US presidential candidates divided over Iran nuclear deal days ahead of Congress vote

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By Euronews
US presidential candidates divided over Iran nuclear deal days ahead of Congress vote

In the US the nuclear deal with Iran has become a presidential election issue with candidates from both parties taking a stand on the matter.

Democrat front runner Hillary Clinton laid the groundwork for the deal as Secretary of State.

Speaking at the Brookings Institution, a liberal think-tank, she had this warning for Tehran.

“The United States will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. As president I will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the United States and our allies. I will not hesitate to take military action”, Clinton told her audience.

Speaking to euronews at a rally on Capitol Hill against the Iran deal, Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump criticised other signatories to the deal for doing business with Iran before sanctions have been lifted.

“You look at Russia, you look at some of the other countries, they’re selling missiles, they’re selling nuclear they’re selling all sorts of things. We’re not selling anything”, Trump claimed.

Another Republican candidate, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, warned that lifting sanctions against Iran would simply give it more money that could end up being used against the West and Israel.

“If this deal goes through, over a hundred billion dollars that will go to Hamas and Hezbollah and the Houthis and radical Islamic terrorists, those billions will be used to murder Americans and Israelis and Europeans.”

Congress is due to vote on the Iran deal within days, but our correspondent in Washington says the real referendum on the deal could end being the next year’s presidential election.