MH17: a year on and still no answers

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By Euronews  with APTN, CNN, REUTERS
MH17: a year on and still no answers

It is almost a year since the tiny village of Rossypne in Eastern Ukraine found itself the focus of global attention.

This is a piece of the plane that fell here

298 people of differing nationalities lost their lives on the 17th of July 2014 when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot out of the skies overhead.

Segments of the doomed aircraft are still being found in the fields. “This is a piece of the plane that fell here,” said one woman, indicating a strip of buckled metal lying in the grass in a field near her house. “It’s from the Malaysian plane, that crashed here a year ago. It has been here for a whole year already.”

MH17:who is to blame?

Malaysia is one of five countries investigating the crash.
The group has asked the UN Security Council to set up an international court to try those deemed responsible. The plane came down in Ukrainian territory, held and being fought over with Russian-backed separatists.

Alexander Borodai was leader of the Donetsk rebel group at the time. He is indifferent to calls for a tribunal or any kind of official investigation, he says. “I just know that it is not our fault that the plane went down,” he says, “it is obvious to me that this is the result of activities on the Ukrainian side.”

Malaysian Airlines criticised?

A final report from Dutch investigators is due for release.
Media reports citing a leak of the report suggest pro-Russian rebels are being blamed for the atrocity.
It is understood Malaysian Airlines also comes in for criticism over how its planes were dispatched that day.