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Greek concern as Eurogroup talks look set to go down to the wire

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By Euronews  with AKIS TATSIS
Greek concern as Eurogroup talks look set to go down to the wire

On Sunday morning (July 12), Greece learnt the news that its financial future was still hanging in the balance

Our correspondent Akis Tatsis reported the main feeling in the capital was one of concern following a motion proposed by the German Finance Minister. Wolfgang Schaeuble suggested that Athens should be dealt harsher bailout measures, otherwise Greece should take a five-year “time out” from the euro zone. For some, the proposed exclusion seemed to be a disguised expulsion.

“It’s a very crucial time, in which people feel uncertain,” one man explained. “It’s a huge inconvenience, certainly. All this talk about a Grexit and bankruptcy makes people feel insecure.”

While another woman added:
“I think this whole process is nothing short of hypocritical. After five months, we reached the eleventh hour, but still with no solution found. Although, it seems things are improving with our partners. The only persistent one is Mr Schaeuble, and I really don’t know what he’s hoping to achieve. We hope a solution will be found.”

Greece has until the reopening of the financial markets on Monday (July 13) to secure a deal with Brussels.

It seems negotiations will go right down to the wire.

“Greece has had another night of agony,” Akis Tatsis reported. “Greeks believe that the negotiations in Brussels over the latest reform proposals will be tough. Everyone hopes, last minute or not, that a Grexit will be prevented.”