India's soaring temperatures leave 1,800 people dead

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By Euronews
India's soaring temperatures leave 1,800 people dead

More than 1,800 people have died in India’s heatwave in just one week.

Most of the deaths have occured In central and southern areas where temperatures have soared to nearly 47 degrees Celsius melting some roads.

Authorities have advised people to stay out of the sun, cover their heads and drink plenty of water but poverty forces many to work despite the risks.

“We cannot bear the heat even just standing there doing nothing, let alone working,” said road maintenance worker Paka Ram. “We know the government has warned people against this. But we need food. How are we supposed to eat if we stop working?”

An overused electricity grid has left many living in the capital’s slums without power.

“Life is very difficult, said one slum resident. “We have no water, no power, nor any other basic facilities.”

Many people have flocked to cool off in water less than 30 degrees Celsius at one of Mumbai’s landmarks, the Gateway of India.