Palestinian statehood buried in the Israeli ballot box

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By Euronews
Palestinian statehood buried in the Israeli ballot box

After Benjamin Netanyahu’s surprise election victory the prospect of a peace deal with the Palestinians, elusive at best, looks to buried in the Israeli ballot box.

Netanyahu, in a last minute scramble for votes, laid his Palestinians plans on the table.

He stated that with the Middle East in turmoil and a rampant radical Islam at large the conditions to create a Palestinian state simply do not exist.

For the Palestinians this comes as no surprise.

Jamal Huwail is a Fatah member:
“The Palestinian leadership’s position is very clear now, which is to go to all the international institutions, and specifically to the International Criminal Court in order to expose Netanyahu’s racist practices,and begin to intensify the Palestinian popular resistance against the occupation, and this is a major and formal approach for us, and we must strengthen Palestinian national unity as well.”

The international community is still mulling over its reaction to Netanyahu’s unambiguous stance on a Palestinian state:

Former Turkish ambassador to Israel Oğuz Çelikko said the state can expect some difficult dealings on the international stage: “It will harm Israel’s international standing. Because there is wide support for a two-state solution, and that includes the United States. So Israel pulling out of the two-state solution will have a negative impact on Israel’s position in the world and it will make relations between Turkey and Israel more difficult.”

No two-state solution for “Bibi the Magician,” will see relations between the man with the mandate and a US president in his final term deteriorate further.