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National Front to work with European far right parties who "defend the same ideas"

National Front to work with European far right parties who "defend the same ideas"
By Euronews
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France’s far right National Front party is holding its annual party conference in Lyon over the weekend.

Former leader Jean-Marie Le Pen told members that his daughter Marine Le Pen, the current leader, would one day become President. He also took the opportunity to blame immigration for being the cause of what he called France’s “decline.”

In May, the National Front failed to build an alliance with far right parties in enough European countries after the European parliamentary elections. This meant they lost out on funding and committee positions.

In an interview with euronews, Marine Le Pen said the far right parties are finding other ways to work together.

“Abroad people believe what they hear and therefore have a vision of us I think that is quite different from reality. This is why it is important for us to to accommodate each other, and to be able to establish, for the moment if not the group we wanted, at least a coordination of parties of patriots who defend the same ideas as us.”

The national Front party has seen a rise in popularity in France, securing a dozen towns in municipal elections, and gaining 25 percent of the vote in European parliamentary elections.

The full interview with Marine Le Pen will be broadcast on euronews from Monday evening.

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