Digging for Spanish poet Lorca

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By Euronews
Digging for Spanish poet Lorca

An archaeological dig has got underway in southern Spain in a quest to uncover the remains of one of the country’s most renowned 20th century poets.

Federico Garcia Lorca was believed to have been executed by militias loyal to the late dictator General Francisco Franco at the start of Spain’s Civil War and buried in an unmarked grave.

“It could bring some relief from the bitterness and the “two Spains” caused by the Civil War. The discovery of the remains of the most searched for person from that war, the myth surrounding Lorca will calm things down, it will be a balsam for society,” explained historian Miguel Caballero.

The three year war started in 1936 when Franco rose up against Spain’s elected leftist Republican government.

Officials have been quick to stress the project is aimed at discovering the remains of victims of the conflict and not just Lorca. If bones are detected it will be up to a court to decide the next step.