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Greek Parliament freezes the state funding of far-right party Golden Dawn

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By Ioannis-Alexandros Ioannidis
Greek Parliament freezes the state funding of far-right party Golden Dawn

Greek politicians have backed moves to freeze the state funding of far-right party Golden Dawn.

Several Golden Dawn MPs and its leader Nikos Michaloliakos have been charged with belonging to a criminal organisation.

The vote in Greece’s parliament saw 246 MPs support a proposal to suspend the party’s funding.

It was put forward by the parliament’s ethics committee, in light of the criminal charges.

But Chryssoula Yatagana, who represents the Independent Greeks party, said: “Greek and European culture establishes the presumption of innocence of the accused.”

“In any case I cannot accept the suspension of financing of the Golden Dawn just because the leader and other members of the party are under custody if a final judgement is not issued.”

Golden Dawn’s MPs, unsurprisingly, voted against the measure.

Ilias Kasidiaris, Golden Dawn spokesman, said his party was being politically persecuted and said the vote was illegal and unconstitutional.

“You are a junta. You are afraid that once you take power we will disclose all the scandals that are now covered by your unconstitutional bow,” he said.

“We see a complete abolition of the presumption of innocence . The categories are not based on any evidence rather than articles and speeches written by Nikos Michaloliakos and Christos Papas.”