The more you text, the less you sleep

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By Ioannis-Alexandros Ioannidis
The more you text, the less you sleep

Text messaging frequently during the day and in particular before bedtime can cause serious sleep disorders and even insomnia, according to research conducted by the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

The study of 83 university students was conducted online, with each student responding to a survey about their quality of sleep and the average number of text messages they usually send and receive daily.

The survey concluded the more people text, the less sleep they get each night.

Authors of the study say that many people tend to sleep too close to their mobile phones and when it rings late at night they usually wake up.

On top of that, several students said they feel pressured to respond as quickly as possible to any messages they receive, which also plays a role in not falling back to sleep.

According to the report, the recipe for a good night’s sleep is turning off your phone or switching it to ‘silent mode’ as well as flipping it over facedown to avoid any unwanted backlight flashes disturbing your rest.