Israeli soldiers disciplined for dancing at Palestinian wedding

Israeli soldiers disciplined for dancing at Palestinian wedding
By Euronews
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A video has been released by Israeli TV network Channel 2 apparently showing Israeli Defense soldiers dancing with Palestinians at a wedding party in the West Bank.


According to the channel, the soldiers were attracted to the party in Hebron after hearing South Korean rapper Psy’s hit “Gangnam style” blaring from the speakers.

The crowd welcomed the men, hoisting them up onto the shoulders of guests, dancing and joining hands.

The soldiers, reportedly from the Givati Brigade, were in full uniform, wearing flak jackets and carrying assault rifles as they danced.

Despite the happy scene, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) was not impressed, calling it a “serious incident”. In a statement it announced: “The soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly.”

Channel 2 claimed the club was frequented by members of a pro-Hamas clan.

Hebron has been a centre for violence between Israelis and Palestinians for decades.

Picture and video credit CC: Al-Fajer Al-Jadeed on YouTube

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