Innovation showcases some of Europe’s most brilliant new products, explained by the bright sparks behind them.

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HIV vaccine on trial

A team of French scientists has started clinical trials on humans for a potential HIV/AIDS vaccine. Chief Scientific Officer at Grenoble-based


A robot in mind

Giancarlo Ferrigno is Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He said:“This is a robotic system for assisting a surgeon during neurosurgery


The roaming recycler

A mobile recycling facility being tested in eastern and southern Europe is aiming to get the most from electronic waste. Bernd Kopacek, managing


Shocking Olives

There is a electrifying new way to squeeze more from an ancient resource – olives. “We have improved the olive oil extraction process by using a


A Sweet Solution

European scientists are sharing a sweet new solution to one of the bitter enemies of chocolate making. “We have developed technical solutions to


Smart irrigation bears fruit

A new irrigation system – Waterbee – is set to reduce costs and save water. John O’Flaherty, the project coordinator for Waterbee, explained


Ti my shoes

This tannery in Silla, Spain, has made its leather production greener and safer with a new technology developed as part of an EU-funded research