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  • Eleven people die in pro-democracy protests in Egypt on Sunday, according to security sources (Reuters)
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All the latest movie news with clips, comment and interviews from the world of cinema

‘Testament of Youth’: A different kind of war film

23/01 11:31 CET

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  1. 09/12/2014Reese Witherspoon tipped for Oscar in Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Wild’
  2. 09/12/2014Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus
  3. 08/12/2014Stars shine bright at Marrakech Film Festival
  4. 05/12/2014Jude Law hunts Nazi gold in Kevin Macdonald thriller
  5. 04/12/2014Bhopal: world’s worst industrial disaster brought to big screen 30 years on
  6. 04/12/2014Greek New Wave cinema has ‘A Blast’
  7. 03/12/2014Jim Broadbent is Santa in Christmas-season comedy
  8. 02/12/2014Final installment in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy out now
  9. 01/12/2014Iranian vampire Western film draws blood on festival circuit
  10. 28/11/2014Penguins of Madagascar return in their own movie
  11. 27/11/2014Muhammad Ali’s personal life featured in new documentary
  12. 26/11/2014“Unbroken”: a story of survival and forgiveness
  13. 25/11/2014Emmy Awards presented in New York
  14. 24/11/2014Paddington lights up the silver screen
  15. 21/11/2014Estonian cinema in the spotlight at film festivals worldwide
  16. 21/11/2014Animating the Velvet Revolution
  17. 19/11/2014Horrible Bosses 2: A dream come true for Jennifer Aniston
  18. 18/11/2014Tallinn’s Black Nights enters film festival premier league
  19. 17/11/2014US civil rights biopic and Oscar hopeful ‘Selma’ premieres in LA
  20. 14/11/2014James Gandolfini true to type in final movie ‘The Drop’
  21. 13/11/2014Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac team up for JC Chandor movie
  22. 13/11/2014Budapest inaugurates wheelchair gangster movie
  23. 12/11/2014The Hunger Games series takes a darker turn in ‘Mockingjay – Part 1’
  24. 11/11/2014Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels star in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ sequel to hit screens worldwide
  25. 10/11/2014Mexico’s ‘Perpetual Sadness’ takes top prize at Thessaloniki Film Festival
  26. 07/11/2014Despite budget cuts, Thessaloniki film festival a success, says director
  27. 05/11/2014Diane Kruger stars as Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother in Malick-inspired film
  28. 04/11/2014‘Snow Therapy’ unleashes avalanche of emotions
  29. 03/11/2014Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer find sweet love as ‘Elsa and Fred’
  30. 31/10/2014Surprise box-office hit for ‘Ouija’ and Marvel teases fans of eagerly awaited Avengers
  31. 30/10/2014Elijah Wood stars as literary critic in Dylan Thomas biopic
  32. 29/10/2014Shailene Woodley goes indie in ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’
  33. 28/10/2014Christopher Nolan’s ‘ambitious’ Interstellar hits big screen
  34. 27/10/2014Timothy Spall is Mike Leigh’s ‘Mr Turner’
  35. 24/10/2014Keanu Reeves back in action flick ‘John Wick’
  36. 23/10/2014Gyllenhaal chills as ‘Nightcrawler’
  37. 22/10/2014Radcliffe grows Horns in latest movie
  38. 21/10/2014Snowden is Citizenfour subject
  39. 20/10/2014Men, women and children on the web
  40. 20/10/2014Almodóvar feted in Lyon
  41. 17/10/2014Lyon’s Festival Lumière honours Keanu Reeves – actor, producer and director
  42. 16/10/2014Brad Pitt stars in gory WWII movie
  43. 16/10/2014Vera Brittain’s classic war-time memoir finally hits big screen in London
  44. 15/10/2014Reese Witherspoon goes ‘wild’ for latest role
  45. 14/10/2014Inspirational-teacher cinema takes a battering in ‘Whiplash’
  46. 13/10/2014Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Book of Life’ moves audiences to tears
  47. 13/10/2014‘Monsters’ sequel premieres at London Film Festival
  48. 10/10/2014‘The Good Lie’ offers touching perspective on true story
  49. 10/10/2014Rom-com king Hugh Grant is back
  50. 10/10/2014Exploring an enigma as Cumberbatch and Knightley open London Film Festival with Alan Turing biopic
  51. 08/10/2014Kirsten Stewart awes critics in new movie Camp X-Ray
  52. 07/10/2014Documentary sees life through Somali pirate’s eyes
  53. 06/10/2014Controversial Russian filmmaker Mikhalkov releases new movie
  54. 06/10/2014Mandela star Idris Elba stars in violent thriller ‘No Good Deed’
  55. 03/10/2014Trekkies produce their very own Star Trek series
  56. 03/10/2014Spandau Ballet biopic hits European screens
  57. 01/10/2014Banderas at Zurich Film Festival
  58. 30/09/2014Luke Evans put on muscle and fangs for Dracula role
  59. 29/09/2014Liam Neeson stars as ‘Taken’ style character in new film noir
  60. 26/09/2014Aubier and Patar crowned kings of animation
  61. 26/09/2014Kids steal show in ‘What We Did On Our Holiday’
  62. 25/09/2014Nanau explores childhood lost with Toto and His Sisters
  63. 24/09/2014Benjamin takes to the stage in Hendrix biopic
  64. 24/09/2014Stars shine at San Sebastian film festival
  65. 22/09/2014Great films at the Eurasia film festival
  66. 19/09/2014Spaniard silences critics in Cantinflas biopic
  67. 19/09/2014What do a walrus and Johnny Depp have in common? They’re in Kevin Smith’s new horror film
  68. 18/09/2014Eurasia film festival celebrates Shaken Aimanov
  69. 17/09/2014Documentary follows German basketball player
  70. 16/09/2014‘This is Where I leave You’ features Fonda and Fey
  71. 15/09/2014Whiplash wins grande prize at Deauville film festival
  72. 12/09/2014‘Pride’ showcases unlikely alliance between miners and gay activists
  73. 12/09/2014Hawking biopic gets rave reviews at Toronto Film Festival
  74. 11/09/2014Hallström serves up cinema treat starring Helen Mirren
  75. 10/09/2014Award-winning Laika studios launch new stop-motion film ‘The Boxtrolls’
  76. 09/09/2014Psychological thriller reunites Kidman and Firth
  77. 08/09/2014Diversity of American cinema honoured in Deauville
  78. 05/09/2014Robert Downey Jr. opens Toronto Film Festival
  79. 05/09/2014Hungarian cinema enjoys welcome funding
  80. 04/09/2014Al Pacino vies for Gold at Venice Film Festival
  81. 03/09/2014Controversial topics at the 71st annual Venice Film Festival
  82. 02/09/2014‘Farewell Party’ pokes fun at euthanasia
  83. 01/09/2014Stellar trio lights up red carpet in Venice
  84. 01/09/2014Step Up All In moves to Miami for ultimate dance contest
  85. 29/08/2014Look Of Silence sole documentary in frame at Venice
  86. 29/08/2014ex-Bond back in action
  87. 28/08/2014Birdman screening opens Venice Film Festival
  88. 27/08/2014The Guvnors fight it out
  89. 27/08/2014Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  90. 26/08/2014Belle and Sebastian front-man helms ‘God Help the Girl’
  91. 26/08/2014‘Breaking Bad’ comes good again at the Emmys
  92. 25/08/2014Sarajevo film festival winds up
  93. 01/08/2014‘Trading Germans’: the secret Cold War traffic in human beings
  94. 31/07/2014More ‘Hobbit’ some ‘Fury’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ coming soon
  95. 30/07/2014Sizzling summer in the cinema with hot seasonal releases
  96. 29/07/2014Wild director Herzog regrets not making films about women as retrospective released
  97. 28/07/2014Comic-Con celebrates Batman’s birthday
  98. 25/07/2014Posthumous performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in ‘A Most Wanted Man’
  99. 24/07/2014Cats rule, even on video
  100. 23/07/2014‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ save the universe and hope for a box office hit
  101. 22/07/2014New doc offers intimate portrayal of world’s biggest metal fest
  102. 21/07/2014Oscar-winning Colin Firth stars in new Woody Allen flick
  103. 18/07/2014‘Welcome to Sweden’ TV comedy made welcome across the Atlantic
  104. 17/07/2014Gillian Anderson stars in film on child sex trafficking in India
  105. 17/07/2014It’s raining sharks: Sharknado sequel takes NYC by storm
  106. 16/07/2014The eyes have it in Mike Cahill’s tale of science and spirituality ‘I Origins’
  107. 15/07/2014Cameron Diaz comedy ‘Sex Tape’ asks serious question about privacy
  108. 15/07/2014Pudsey the dog does his own stunts in family film ‘Pudsey: The Movie’
  109. 14/07/2014Georgian film director takes top prize at Karlovy Vary
  110. 11/07/2014Growing up in reel time
  111. 10/07/2014Love in Kazakhstan
  112. 10/07/2014Keaton, Douglas in new Rob Reiner rom-com
  113. 09/07/2014The story of Lech Walesa at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, with a special guest
  114. 08/07/2014Gibson grabs a globe at Karlovy Vary festival where East meets West
  115. 07/07/2014‘The Anomaly’: Noel Clarke fights time in sci-fi puzzle
  116. 04/07/2014Dark, satanic horror movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ pairs a cop and a priest
  117. 03/07/2014How do they chose who plays Batman in the movies? ‘He has to fit in the suit’
  118. 03/07/2014Hollywood couple Falcone and McCarthy team up for ‘Tammy’
  119. 02/07/2014‘Obvious Child’ not an obvious choice for a rom-com
  120. 01/07/2014Knightley and Levine pushed beyond their comfort zones in ‘Begin Again’
  121. 30/06/2014Hail Caesar in ‘Planet of the Apes’ 8th outing
  122. 27/06/2014Biopic ‘Seve’ celebrates the Spanish golfing legend
  123. 27/06/2014Legendary football manager Matt Busby resurrected in ‘Believe’
  124. 25/06/2014‘Wish I Was Here’ – a Kickstarter movie
  125. 24/06/2014Mark Wahlberg jumps onboard ‘Transformers’ saga
  126. 23/06/2014Leave to Remain: hard truth
  127. 20/06/2014Paris gives voice to Iranian cinema
  128. 19/06/2014Ten years after ‘Crash’, Haggis divides critics with ‘Third Person’
  129. 18/06/2014A summer of sequels sees the box office ‘Jump’
  130. 17/06/2014‘Land Ho!’: a delightful pensioners’ comedy road movie
  131. 16/06/2014Favreau’s ‘Chef’ takes viewers on culinary road-trip
  132. 16/06/2014Pattinson wows critics in Australian road-movie
  133. 13/06/2014‘Belle’: the story of Britain’s first black aristocrat
  134. 12/06/2014Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’: from stage to screen
  135. 12/06/2014‘Walking on sunshine’: a sunny, summer musical
  136. 11/06/2014Hooligan comedy kicks off in UK
  137. 10/06/2014Brazilian artist kicks off movie ahead of World Cup
  138. 09/06/2014The Dreamworks Dragons are back
  139. 09/06/2014The Signal: stylised, low-budget sci-fi
  140. 06/06/2014A love story complicated by cancer in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’
  141. 06/06/2014Animafest lights up Zagreb
  142. 05/06/2014Sketchy world: ‘Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy’
  143. 05/06/2014Exploring combat and its effects in Afghanistan documentary ‘Korengal’
  144. 04/06/2014A rare look at WW2 in colour – ‘George Stevens: D-Day To Berlin’
  145. 03/06/2014Clive Owen on being a hot teacher and a genius druggie doctor
  146. 02/06/2014New MacFarlane comedy earns tepid reviews
  147. 30/05/2014Cannes boost for ‘Bridges of Sarajevo’
  148. 29/05/2014Timothy Spall speaks to euronews about ‘Best Actor’ win at Cannes
  149. 29/05/2014Ceylan reveals what the Palm d’Or means for him and for Turkey
  150. 29/05/2014Cruise-Blunt duo embark on marathon promo for new movie
  151. 29/05/2014Documentary blames obesity on big food industry and government
  152. 28/05/2014Dogs in the limelight at the Cannes Film Festival
  153. 28/05/2014Xavier Dolan’s film ‘Mommy’ hailed at Cannes Film Festival
  154. 26/05/2014Students win prizes at Cannes
  155. 26/05/2014Cannes winners announced
  156. 23/05/2014Animation legend Postman Pat delivers a silver screen makeover
  157. 23/05/2014Sandler and Barrymore reunite in extreme date movie ‘Blended’
  158. 22/05/2014Cannes doc: hockey used for Cold War propaganda
  159. 21/05/2014Spandau Ballet doc, a story of stardom and friendship, screens at Cannes
  160. 21/05/2014Mystery slasher mockumentary is one of the indie movies getting a chance at Cannes
  161. 20/05/2014Syrian cell phone war doc humbles Cannes
  162. 19/05/2014‘Timbuktu’ wows critics at Cannes
  163. 19/05/2014Cannes honours award-winning Bosnian director
  164. 16/05/2014Dysfunctional family discover each other in ‘The Discoverers’
  165. 16/05/2014Mike Leigh vies for 2nd Palme d’Or in Cannes
  166. 15/05/2014Cannes festival: ‘Wild Tales’ the odd one out
  167. 14/05/2014Cannes kicks off with Grace of Monaco
  168. 13/05/2014‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ time travels to save mutants and humans