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All the latest movie news with clips, comment and interviews from the world of cinema

Embedded in Star Wars: immersive cinema hits London

02/07 13:57 CET

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  1. 27/05/2015San Andreas, big budget disaster movie on shaky ground
  2. 26/05/2015Icelandic comedy tops Cannes’ Un Certain Regard section
  3. 25/05/2015Hungarian Holocaust drama tops Cannes film critics’ awards
  4. 25/05/2015France honoured at 68th Cannes Film Festival
  5. 21/05/2015A selection box of in competition films at the Cannes Film Festival
  6. 21/05/2015Flowering female sexuality in Turkey explored in ‘Mustang’
  7. 20/05/2015‘Nahid’ the latest Iranian film making waves at Cannes
  8. 19/05/2015Hair raising story of Palestinian women trapped in a beauty parlor
  9. 18/05/2015Son of Saul is a front-runner at Cannes
  10. 15/05/2015The controversy of Pope Pius XII in ‘Shades of Truth’
  11. 14/05/2015‘Standing Tall’ premieres at the official opening of the Cannes Film Festival
  12. 13/05/2015Ingrid Bergman adorns the 2015 Cannes Film Festival
  13. 12/05/2015“Mad Max – Fury Road” kicks up a desert storm
  14. 12/05/2015“Spooks – The Greater Good” hopes to emulate TV series’ success
  15. 11/05/2015Freeman and Keaton are top draw in ’5 Flights Up’
  16. 11/05/2015‘Ride’ the waves in Helen Hunt’s new movie
  17. 08/05/2015Royal Princesses enjoy a night on the town on VE Day in ‘A Royal Night Out’
  18. 07/05/2015Hunger Games Elizabeth Banks directs ‘Pitch Perfect 2’
  19. 06/05/2015Action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger goes soft in zombie movie
  20. 05/05/2015Kristen Wiig explores bipolar absurdity in ‘Welcome to Me’
  21. 04/05/2015Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara join forces in Hot Pursuit
  22. 04/05/2015Matthias Schoenaerts co-stars in Thomas Hardy film adaptation
  23. 01/05/2015From Dogme to romcom: Danish director Lone Scherfig speaks to euronews
  24. 30/04/2015Amy Winehouse’s family slam biopic about the dead singer
  25. 30/04/2015Maisie Williams stars in mass hysteria drama ‘The Falling’
  26. 29/04/2015Independent, dark movies the stars of Cyprus Film Days
  27. 28/04/2015Lyon film festival shines light on North African and Middle Eastern cinema
  28. 27/04/2015Gritty Irish drama ‘Glassland’ out now
  29. 27/04/2015Blake Lively cursed with eternal youth in ‘The Age of Adaline’
  30. 24/04/2015Turkish history overshadows Istanbul Film Festival
  31. 23/04/2015The Super Sequels coming soon
  32. 22/04/2015New Star Wars trailer is desert water for thirsty fans
  33. 21/04/2015Rickman and Winslet spread A Little Chaos
  34. 20/04/2015Stars at “Child 44” premiere saddened by reported Russian ban
  35. 17/04/2015‘Bakur’ screening ban causes controversy at the Istanbul International Film Festival
  36. 16/04/2015‘Lost River’ dark directorial debut from actor Ryan Gosling
  37. 15/04/2015Summers relives The Police in new documentary
  38. 14/04/2015Avengers battle Ultron for world peace
  39. 13/04/2015Cartoon Movie: a springboard for European animation films
  40. 09/04/2015Latest Nick Sparks film adaptation sticks to winning formula
  41. 08/04/2015Ethan Hawke is a detached drone pilot in “Good Kill”
  42. 07/04/2015The witches of Salem are back in season 2
  43. 06/04/2015Poignant doc offers glimpse into South Sudan’s forgotten war
  44. 03/04/2015Charlize Theron takes on lead role in thriller ‘Dark Places’
  45. 02/04/2015‘Furious 7’ a fitting homage to Paul Walker says cast
  46. 01/04/2015New Robert Altman documentary honours an American cinema giant
  47. 30/03/2015Comedy starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts opens to critical acclaim
  48. 27/03/2015Iranian Muhammad film aims to introduce prophet to the world
  49. 26/03/2015Winterbottom’s new film examines media role in Amanda Knox murder trial
  50. 26/03/2015Asian cinema celebrates in Macau and Hong Kong festivals
  51. 25/03/2015The Sound of Music celebrates turning 50
  52. 24/03/2015Thessaloniki celebrates documentary film
  53. 23/03/2015Al Pacino a soul-searching rock star in “Danny Collins”
  54. 23/03/2015Oscar-winning Danish director Susanne Bier signs new thriller
  55. 20/03/2015Oscar-winning doc ‘Citizenfour’ chronicles Edward Snowden’s
  56. 19/03/2015Sci-fi movie made in Cuba tells of post-apocalyptic future ruled by vegetarians
  57. 18/03/2015“Home” is where the heart is for new Dreamworks comedy
  58. 17/03/2015Matthias Schoenaerts, Kristin Scott Thomas co-star in adaptation of ‘Suite Francaise’
  59. 16/03/2015Liam Neeson returns in mean mobster B-movie ‘Run All Night’
  60. 16/03/2015Young Iranian-American debut feature is festival favourite
  61. 13/03/2015Shailene Woodley returns in Divergent Series sequel ‘Insurgent’
  62. 12/03/2015New film honours unsung hero who tried to kill Hitler
  63. 11/03/2015Maidan: the story of Ukraine’s protest movement
  64. 11/03/2015Film explores autistic math prodigy’s journey to love
  65. 10/03/2015Geneva human rights film festival a success, says director
  66. 09/03/2015“Liza the fox Fairy” enchants Fantasporto 35 judges
  67. 06/03/2015The Voices: a black comedy from director Marjan Satrapi
  68. 05/03/2015‘District 9’ director Neill Blomkamp is back with ‘Chappie
  69. 04/03/2015Top chef food doc explores ambition, sacrifice and perfectionism
  70. 03/03/2015Arthur Phillips best-seller ‘Angelica’ turned into psychosexual thriller
  71. 02/03/2015Love kills in Hungarian feature “Liza, the Fox-fairy”
  72. 27/02/2015‘It Follows’: guaranteed chills down your spine
  73. 26/02/2015Documentary focusses on South Africa’s ‘Other Man’ FW de Klerk
  74. 26/02/2015Will Smith is back opposite Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie
  75. 24/02/2015Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is back
  76. 20/02/2015Oscars 2015 – best documentary nominations
  77. 19/02/2015Oscars 2015: Who will win Best Director?
  78. 19/02/2015One French, two Brits and two Americans up for Oscars Best Actress
  79. 18/02/2015Oscars Best Male is a fight between four novices and veteran
  80. 18/02/2015Sean Penn turns action hero in ‘The Gunman’
  81. 18/02/2015Top three picks for Oscars ‘Best Film’
  82. 17/02/2015Branagh gives Cinderella a modern day makeover
  83. 16/02/2015Berlinale: Dissident director Jafar Panahi wins Golden Bear
  84. 12/02/2015Hotly anticipated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ hits Berlin
  85. 12/02/2015Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds pair up in ‘Woman in Gold’
  86. 11/02/2015Robert Pattinson triggers star buzz at Berlinale with James Dean movie
  87. 11/02/2015Antonio Banderas handed honorary award at ‘Spanish Oscars’
  88. 10/02/2015JJ Annaud brings controversial Chinese best-seller to the big screen
  89. 10/02/2015New Sherlock Holmes movie starring Ian McKellen opens in Berlin
  90. 09/02/2015BAFTAs give a taste of what’s to come at the Oscars
  91. 09/02/2015Nicole Kidman is “female Lawrence of Arabia” at Berlin Film Festival
  92. 07/02/2015Werner Herzog’s latest film brings Hollywood A-listers to Berlin
  93. 06/02/2015‘Nobody Wants the Night’ opens Berlin International Film Festival
  94. 05/02/2015Squeezing the franchise all the way: SpongeBob is back with new movie
  95. 05/02/2015Indie sci-fi thriller gets to shoot inside world-famous CERN
  96. 04/02/2015Makers of The Matrix return with ‘Jupiter Ascending’
  97. 03/02/2015Berlinale combines established and upcoming filmmakers
  98. 02/02/20154DX auditorium allows cinema-goers to see, hear, feel and smell films
  99. 02/02/2015Estonia’s ‘Tangerines’ competes for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars
  100. 30/01/2015Vincent Van Gogh to come back to life thanks to Oscar-winning animation studio
  101. 29/01/2015Iranian dancer flouts government ban in Santa Barbara festival film
  102. 28/01/2015‘Shaun The Sheep’ explores the esoteric and focuses on appreciating what you have
  103. 27/01/2015Brad Pitt turns up for Indie films
  104. 27/01/2015Luxor Film Festival honours Arab and French cinema
  105. 26/01/2015Strange Magic: George Lucas takes animation to whole new realistic level
  106. 23/01/2015‘Testament of Youth’: A different kind of war film
  107. 22/01/2015‘Anti-Russian’ controversy surrounds Oscar nominated film Leviathan
  108. 21/01/2015Johnny Depp’s all fun as a dodgy dealer in art comedy ‘Mortdecai’
  109. 21/01/2015Colin Firth is the besuited gentleman spy in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’
  110. 20/01/2015From stage to screen: Into The Woods attracts an all-star cast
  111. 19/01/2015‘Shadows’: 8 episodes of edgy, black comedy
  112. 16/01/2015‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Birdman’ dominate 2015 Oscar nominations
  113. 15/01/2015Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ nominated for six Oscars
  114. 15/01/2015How much is an Oscar nomination worth?
  115. 15/01/2015Oscars: Birdman & The Grand Budapest Hotel lead nominations with 9 nods each
  116. 12/01/2015George Clooney is Charlie at Golden Globes ceremony
  117. 09/01/2015Stars voice sadness and speak out over Charlie Hebdo killings
  118. 08/01/2015Doc pays homage to political cartoonists around the world
  119. 08/01/2015Tim Burton adapts stranger-than-fiction tale to the big screen
  120. 07/01/2015Taken for the third time
  121. 06/01/2015Woman in Black 2: a chilling sequel
  122. 06/01/2015Night at the Museum 3: Ben Stiller still going strong
  123. 05/01/2015What’s on in 2015?
  124. 05/01/2015Coming soon in 2015
  125. 24/12/2014Shadows (Umbre), a new comedy drama premieres in Romania
  126. 19/12/2014Best Films of 2014 – meet five contenders
  127. 19/12/2014Marrakesh Festival gives young filmmakers a chance
  128. 19/12/2014Box office hits in Europe in 2014
  129. 17/12/2014Capital of Culture Riga shines a spotlight on Latvian cinema
  130. 16/12/2014Europe’s rich cinema talent in the frame at European Film Awards in Riga
  131. 15/12/2014Marrakech Film Festival shines light on dark youth dramas
  132. 12/12/2014Portuguese film legend Manoel de Oliveira launches new film at 106
  133. 12/12/2014European Film Award contenders echo Oscar Foreign Film nominations
  134. 11/12/2014Viggo Mortensen honoured at Marrakech Film Festival
  135. 10/12/2014Iñárritu polarises again with ‘Birdman’ starring Michael Keaton
  136. 09/12/2014Reese Witherspoon tipped for Oscar in Jean-Marc Vallée’s ‘Wild’
  137. 09/12/2014Christian Bale is Moses in Ridley Scott’s Exodus
  138. 08/12/2014Stars shine bright at Marrakech Film Festival
  139. 05/12/2014Jude Law hunts Nazi gold in Kevin Macdonald thriller
  140. 04/12/2014Bhopal: world’s worst industrial disaster brought to big screen 30 years on
  141. 04/12/2014Greek New Wave cinema has ‘A Blast’
  142. 03/12/2014Jim Broadbent is Santa in Christmas-season comedy
  143. 02/12/2014Final installment in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy out now
  144. 01/12/2014Iranian vampire Western film draws blood on festival circuit
  145. 28/11/2014Penguins of Madagascar return in their own movie
  146. 27/11/2014Muhammad Ali’s personal life featured in new documentary
  147. 26/11/2014“Unbroken”: a story of survival and forgiveness
  148. 25/11/2014Emmy Awards presented in New York