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  • Ukrainian elections: Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk orders security to be boosted to prevent “terrorist acts“ being carried out – Reuters
  • Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatsenyuk warns of possible attempts by Russia to destabilise Sunday’s parliamentary election in Ukraine – Reuters
  • The funeral of Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total, will take place in Normandy on Monday at 17:00 CET – AFP
  • Turkey: President Erdogan says agreement reached for 200 Iraqi Kurdish fighters to pass through Turkey to help defend Syrian town of Kobani – Reuters
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Radcliffe grows Horns in latest movie

22/10 11:40 CET

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  1. 19/09/2014What do a walrus and Johnny Depp have in common? They’re in Kevin Smith’s new horror film
  2. 18/09/2014Eurasia film festival celebrates Shaken Aimanov
  3. 17/09/2014Documentary follows German basketball player
  4. 16/09/2014‘This is Where I leave You’ features Fonda and Fey
  5. 15/09/2014Whiplash wins grande prize at Deauville film festival
  6. 12/09/2014‘Pride’ showcases unlikely alliance between miners and gay activists
  7. 12/09/2014Hawking biopic gets rave reviews at Toronto Film Festival
  8. 11/09/2014Hallström serves up cinema treat starring Helen Mirren
  9. 10/09/2014Award-winning Laika studios launch new stop-motion film ‘The Boxtrolls’
  10. 09/09/2014Psychological thriller reunites Kidman and Firth
  11. 08/09/2014Diversity of American cinema honoured in Deauville
  12. 05/09/2014Robert Downey Jr. opens Toronto Film Festival
  13. 05/09/2014Hungarian cinema enjoys welcome funding
  14. 04/09/2014Al Pacino vies for Gold at Venice Film Festival
  15. 03/09/2014Controversial topics at the 71st annual Venice Film Festival
  16. 02/09/2014‘Farewell Party’ pokes fun at euthanasia
  17. 01/09/2014Stellar trio lights up red carpet in Venice
  18. 01/09/2014Step Up All In moves to Miami for ultimate dance contest
  19. 29/08/2014Look Of Silence sole documentary in frame at Venice
  20. 29/08/2014ex-Bond back in action
  21. 28/08/2014Birdman screening opens Venice Film Festival
  22. 27/08/2014The Guvnors fight it out
  23. 27/08/2014Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
  24. 26/08/2014Belle and Sebastian front-man helms ‘God Help the Girl’
  25. 26/08/2014‘Breaking Bad’ comes good again at the Emmys
  26. 25/08/2014Sarajevo film festival winds up
  27. 01/08/2014‘Trading Germans’: the secret Cold War traffic in human beings
  28. 31/07/2014More ‘Hobbit’ some ‘Fury’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ coming soon
  29. 30/07/2014Sizzling summer in the cinema with hot seasonal releases
  30. 29/07/2014Wild director Herzog regrets not making films about women as retrospective released
  31. 28/07/2014Comic-Con celebrates Batman’s birthday
  32. 25/07/2014Posthumous performance by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in ‘A Most Wanted Man’
  33. 24/07/2014Cats rule, even on video
  34. 23/07/2014‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ save the universe and hope for a box office hit
  35. 22/07/2014New doc offers intimate portrayal of world’s biggest metal fest
  36. 21/07/2014Oscar-winning Colin Firth stars in new Woody Allen flick
  37. 18/07/2014‘Welcome to Sweden’ TV comedy made welcome across the Atlantic
  38. 17/07/2014Gillian Anderson stars in film on child sex trafficking in India
  39. 17/07/2014It’s raining sharks: Sharknado sequel takes NYC by storm
  40. 16/07/2014The eyes have it in Mike Cahill’s tale of science and spirituality ‘I Origins’
  41. 15/07/2014Cameron Diaz comedy ‘Sex Tape’ asks serious question about privacy
  42. 15/07/2014Pudsey the dog does his own stunts in family film ‘Pudsey: The Movie’
  43. 14/07/2014Georgian film director takes top prize at Karlovy Vary
  44. 11/07/2014Growing up in reel time
  45. 10/07/2014Love in Kazakhstan
  46. 10/07/2014Keaton, Douglas in new Rob Reiner rom-com
  47. 09/07/2014The story of Lech Walesa at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, with a special guest
  48. 08/07/2014Gibson grabs a globe at Karlovy Vary festival where East meets West
  49. 07/07/2014‘The Anomaly’: Noel Clarke fights time in sci-fi puzzle
  50. 04/07/2014Dark, satanic horror movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ pairs a cop and a priest
  51. 03/07/2014How do they chose who plays Batman in the movies? ‘He has to fit in the suit’
  52. 03/07/2014Hollywood couple Falcone and McCarthy team up for ‘Tammy’
  53. 02/07/2014‘Obvious Child’ not an obvious choice for a rom-com
  54. 01/07/2014Knightley and Levine pushed beyond their comfort zones in ‘Begin Again’
  55. 30/06/2014Hail Caesar in ‘Planet of the Apes’ 8th outing
  56. 27/06/2014Biopic ‘Seve’ celebrates the Spanish golfing legend
  57. 27/06/2014Legendary football manager Matt Busby resurrected in ‘Believe’
  58. 25/06/2014‘Wish I Was Here’ – a Kickstarter movie
  59. 24/06/2014Mark Wahlberg jumps onboard ‘Transformers’ saga
  60. 23/06/2014Leave to Remain: hard truth
  61. 20/06/2014Paris gives voice to Iranian cinema
  62. 19/06/2014Ten years after ‘Crash’, Haggis divides critics with ‘Third Person’
  63. 18/06/2014A summer of sequels sees the box office ‘Jump’
  64. 17/06/2014‘Land Ho!’: a delightful pensioners’ comedy road movie
  65. 16/06/2014Favreau’s ‘Chef’ takes viewers on culinary road-trip
  66. 16/06/2014Pattinson wows critics in Australian road-movie
  67. 13/06/2014‘Belle’: the story of Britain’s first black aristocrat
  68. 12/06/2014Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’: from stage to screen
  69. 12/06/2014‘Walking on sunshine’: a sunny, summer musical
  70. 11/06/2014Hooligan comedy kicks off in UK
  71. 10/06/2014Brazilian artist kicks off movie ahead of World Cup
  72. 09/06/2014The Dreamworks Dragons are back
  73. 09/06/2014The Signal: stylised, low-budget sci-fi
  74. 06/06/2014A love story complicated by cancer in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’
  75. 06/06/2014Animafest lights up Zagreb
  76. 05/06/2014Sketchy world: ‘Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy’
  77. 05/06/2014Exploring combat and its effects in Afghanistan documentary ‘Korengal’
  78. 04/06/2014A rare look at WW2 in colour – ‘George Stevens: D-Day To Berlin’
  79. 03/06/2014Clive Owen on being a hot teacher and a genius druggie doctor
  80. 02/06/2014New MacFarlane comedy earns tepid reviews
  81. 30/05/2014Cannes boost for ‘Bridges of Sarajevo’
  82. 29/05/2014Timothy Spall speaks to euronews about ‘Best Actor’ win at Cannes
  83. 29/05/2014Ceylan reveals what the Palm d’Or means for him and for Turkey
  84. 29/05/2014Cruise-Blunt duo embark on marathon promo for new movie
  85. 29/05/2014Documentary blames obesity on big food industry and government
  86. 28/05/2014Dogs in the limelight at the Cannes Film Festival
  87. 28/05/2014Xavier Dolan’s film ‘Mommy’ hailed at Cannes Film Festival
  88. 26/05/2014Students win prizes at Cannes
  89. 26/05/2014Cannes winners announced
  90. 23/05/2014Animation legend Postman Pat delivers a silver screen makeover
  91. 23/05/2014Sandler and Barrymore reunite in extreme date movie ‘Blended’
  92. 22/05/2014Cannes doc: hockey used for Cold War propaganda
  93. 21/05/2014Spandau Ballet doc, a story of stardom and friendship, screens at Cannes
  94. 21/05/2014Mystery slasher mockumentary is one of the indie movies getting a chance at Cannes
  95. 20/05/2014Syrian cell phone war doc humbles Cannes
  96. 19/05/2014‘Timbuktu’ wows critics at Cannes
  97. 19/05/2014Cannes honours award-winning Bosnian director
  98. 16/05/2014Dysfunctional family discover each other in ‘The Discoverers’
  99. 16/05/2014Mike Leigh vies for 2nd Palme d’Or in Cannes
  100. 15/05/2014Cannes festival: ‘Wild Tales’ the odd one out
  101. 14/05/2014Cannes kicks off with Grace of Monaco
  102. 13/05/2014‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ time travels to save mutants and humans
  103. 13/05/2014‘The Immigrant’: In pursuit of the American dream
  104. 12/05/2014‘Godzilla’: “the movie missing off your shelf”
  105. 08/05/2014‘Maleficent’ is back with a vengeance
  106. 07/05/2014‘Trans X Istanbul’ = humour + hope
  107. 06/05/2014Being ‘Frank’
  108. 06/05/2014‘Now in the Wings on a World Stage’: Kevin Spacey introduces his latest project
  109. 05/05/2014A hell of a film, if you believe in heaven
  110. 02/05/2014‘Bad Neighbours’ – pray you don’t live next door
  111. 02/05/2014‘Perfect Obedience’ about disgraced Catholic priest shocks Mexico
  112. 01/05/2014Bob Hoskins’ short goodbye
  113. 30/04/2014French heist movie ‘ The Last Diamond’ sparkles
  114. 29/04/2014Palo Alto – another Coppola movie hits the screen
  115. 28/04/2014Tribeca shows Keira in song
  116. 28/04/2014Tracks stars a dog and a camel
  117. 25/04/2014Jon Favreau returns to his roots with ‘Chef’ at Tribeca
  118. 25/04/2014Rare Burmese film screens at Tribeca, ‘Ice Poison’ focuses on illegal drugs
  119. 23/04/2014‘Fading Gigolo’ shines with John Turturro at the helm
  120. 22/04/2014‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ explores UK colonial legacy in Nigeria
  121. 21/04/2014Istanbul Film Festival celebrates Turkish and international cinema
  122. 18/04/2014Star-studded line-up for Cannes
  123. 18/04/2014‘Bears’: bear cub’s life in Alaska
  124. 17/04/2014Johnny Depp fails to transcend in ‘Transcendence’
  125. 16/04/2014Greece celebrates its cinema in the year of young directors
  126. 15/04/2014Slammed by the critics, but profitable, ‘Haunted House’ get a sequel
  127. 11/04/2014Titanic director James Cameron explores climate change in TV series
  128. 10/04/2014Costner stays sporty and romantic in football movie ‘Draft Day’
  129. 10/04/2014Nicolas Cage stars in ‘Joe’, an emotional tale of hope
  130. 09/04/2014‘Calvary’ looks at Catholic sex abuse scandal
  131. 08/04/2014Legendary UK horror studio Hammer goes for psychologically scary with ‘The Quiet Ones’
  132. 07/04/2014Freeman voices concerns about endangered lemurs in documentary
  133. 04/04/2014Undercover documentary follows US basketball superstar during Iranian season
  134. 04/04/2014Instant chemistry for stars of comedy revenge romp ‘The Other Woman’
  135. 02/04/2014Transcendence and X-Men sci-fi superheros hit the big screen
  136. 01/04/2014‘Rob the Mob’ – when the tables were turned on the Mafia
  137. 31/03/2014Double trouble for shy boy Simon Jones
  138. 31/03/2014Rio 2: it’s on in the Amazon
  139. 28/03/2014Dialogue with the mullahs as the director of the film ‘Iranian’ sows ideas for the future
  140. 28/03/2014The plight of grape-pickers dramatised in ‘Cesar Chávez’
  141. 28/03/2014More mayhem as the action-packed sequel to ‘The Raid’ hits screens
  142. 27/03/2014Spider-Man set to kick Electro’s butt – according to the villIain’s daughter
  143. 26/03/2014Dark British sci-fi ‘The Machine’ explores the future of robot soldiers
  144. 25/03/2014Schwarzenegger takes on drug barons in ‘Sabotage’
  145. 24/03/2014‘Starred Up’ opens in UK theatres
  146. 24/03/2014Hornby best-seller gets movie makeover
  147. 21/03/2014Thessaloniki hosts documentary festival
  148. 21/03/2014What’s your faction, where do you fit in? Or are you ‘Divergent’?
  149. 20/03/2014Captain America is back
  150. 19/03/20142014: Hollywood’s Year of the Bible
  151. 18/03/2014Boxing, transplants and revolution – Thessaloniki celebrates documentaries
  152. 17/03/2014‘Zero Theorem’ poses a big question in Terry Gilliam’s unique style
  153. 17/03/2014Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights
  154. 14/03/2014Diplomatie saves Paris
  155. 14/03/2014‘Veronica Mars’ hits the big screen thanks to the ‘Marshmallows’
  156. 13/03/2014Strange tales ‘Under the Skin’ and ‘Closer to the Moon’
  157. 12/03/2014Kermit and the Muppets turn to crime on tour in Europe
  158. 11/03/2014Living dead take over in Porto
  159. 10/03/2014Gravity FX serious business
  160. 07/03/2014Lyon’s Cartoon Movie forum celebrates animation success
  161. 07/03/2014Iranian cinema gains in confidence and wins recognition
  162. 06/03/2014‘Minor’ Oscars throw up some major pleasures
  163. 06/03/2014‘300’ sequel ‘Rise of an Empire’ flexes its muscles
  164. 05/03/2014‘Need for Speed’ sets Aaron Paul’s pulse racing and wheels spinning
  165. 04/03/2014Their bad! Movie 43 ‘wins’ the Razzies
  166. 28/02/2014Oscars: final countdown
  167. 28/02/2014Oscars: ‘Frozen’ frontrunner for Best Animated Feature
  168. 28/02/2014Fasten your seat belts: Neeson returns in action-packed airplane thriller
  169. 27/02/2014Oscars 2014: Best music showcased with its own concert
  170. 25/02/2014Oldest Holocaust survivor leaves behind legacy of hope
  171. 25/02/2014‘The 100-year old man’ bestseller, now a film, celebrates the spirit of adventure
  172. 24/02/2014Miraculous rescue of Chilean miners turned into movie
  173. 21/02/2014Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel star in ‘Beauty and the Beast’
  174. 20/02/2014Hailee Steinfeld is Costner’s daughter in CIA action thriller
  175. 19/02/2014‘Little England’: a journey on the sea of the human heart
  176. 18/02/2014‘Pompeii’: 3D action, love and drama
  177. 17/02/2014Berlinale rewards Asian cinema
  178. 14/02/2014Berlin Film Festival honours Ken Loach for a lifetime of social realism films
  179. 14/02/2014‘Winter’s Tale’ – a love story about good and evil that wooed its stars
  180. 13/02/2014Hossein Amini achieves lifelong ambition with ‘The Two Faces of January’
  181. 13/02/2014Want George Clooney’s scarf? All you have to do is ask
  182. 12/02/2014Gay marriage problems, suicide and a mechanical heart at Berlin Film Festival
  183. 11/02/2014Schiller ‘threesome’ vies for Golden Bear
  184. 10/02/2014Shia LaBeouf steals the show in Berlin
  185. 10/02/2014Chaplin’s Tramp is 100 years old
  186. 10/02/2014Berlin Film Festival honours ‘greatest actor’ Philip Seymour Hoffman
  187. 07/02/2014‘Vampire Academy’ opens its doors
  188. 06/02/2014Robocop back on the beat, updated for an evolving future world
  189. 06/02/2014Fans queue gladly to sample the best of the Berlin Film Festival
  190. 05/02/2014Mea Culpa muscles in on action genre
  191. 04/02/2014Genius dog adopts boy
  192. 04/02/2014Brick by brick, Lego takes Hollywood
  193. 03/02/2014Philip Seymour Hoffman set to grace the screen posthumously
  194. 03/02/2014Midlife romance ‘At Middletown’
  195. 31/01/2014Amazing paint – revelations of a Vermeer masterpiece
  196. 30/01/2014‘Dallas Buyers Club’ opens in Europe
  197. 29/01/2014Berlin Film Festival: Clooney among Hollywood A-listers in star-studded line-up
  198. 28/01/2014Cuarón boosts Oscar chances with top honours at DGA
  199. 28/01/2014Ralph Fiennes directs Dickens secret love story
  200. 27/01/2014Aaron Eckhart stars in new Frankenstein movie
  201. 27/01/2014Razzie hattrick for Adam Sandler?
  202. 24/01/2014Kids films to look out for in 2014
  203. 24/01/2014Vanessa Hudgens: from Disney to drama
  204. 21/01/2014Chris Pine is Jack Ryan
  205. 20/01/2014SAG Awards: Oscar predictions
  206. 20/01/2014Sundance: Redford on Oscar snub
  207. 17/01/2014Oscar nominations: The usual suspects and a few upsets
  208. 16/01/2014‘The Book Thief’ out now
  209. 15/01/2014‘Yves Saint Laurent’ out now
  210. 14/01/2014‘The Square’ examines the personal stories of Egypt’s Arab Spring
  211. 13/01/2014Golden Globes: ‘La Grande Bellezza’ wins Best Foreign Film
  212. 13/01/2014‘American Hustle’ wins Globes gold
  213. 10/01/2014Space, slavery and stings are the themes for cinema awards season
  214. 09/01/2014Is it a man? Is it a god? No, it’s Kellan Lutz in ‘The Legend of Hercules’
  215. 08/01/2014Colin Firth stars in ‘The Railway Man’, a story of war and reconciliation
  216. 07/01/2014Ferrell stays classy in ‘Anchorman 2’
  217. 06/01/2014Ben Stiller is Walter Mitty
  218. 06/01/2014American Hustle: major Oscar contender
  219. 20/12/2013DiCaprio stars in real-life story of corruption, greed and sex ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’
  220. 19/12/2013Stallone and De Niro square up in ‘Grudge Match’
  221. 19/12/2013‘Christmas in a Day’ explores festive Britain
  222. 18/12/2013The Physician: a quest for enlightenment in the Dark Ages
  223. 17/12/2013An angel visits and Susan Boyle sings in ‘The Christmas Candle’
  224. 16/12/2013Acting legend Peter O’Toole dies at 81
  225. 16/12/2013Golden Globes nominations open awards season, give clues for Oscars
  226. 13/12/2013Morocco’s booming film industry
  227. 13/12/2013The Lunchbox: an ode to love and food
  228. 13/12/2013Christian Bale stars in new Scott Cooper movie
  229. 11/12/2013Latest Hobbit film opens in Berlin
  230. 11/12/2013A story of Palestine
  231. 10/12/2013La Grande Bellezza cleans up at European Film Awards
  232. 09/12/2013Curtain drops on Marrakech Film Festival
  233. 06/12/2013‘Extraordinary and inspiring’ – Prince William pays tribute to Mandela
  234. 06/12/2013‘Dirty Wars’ questions the war on terror
  235. 05/12/2013Marrakech honours Scandinavian film
  236. 05/12/2013‘Lone Survivor’ pays tribute to extraordinary soldiers
  237. 04/12/2013Juliette Binoche honoured in Marrakech
  238. 03/12/2013Movie celebrates Man United golden boys
  239. 03/12/2013Hobbit sequel opens in LA
  240. 02/12/2013Sharon Stone honoured at Marrakech film festival
  241. 29/11/2013Beats and buttocks for Radcliffe in “Kill your Darlings”
  242. 29/11/2013Scott gets stars and bucks to make “Delivery Man”
  243. 27/11/2013“Another Me” a psycho spook movie
  244. 26/11/2013Spike Lee’s “Oldboy” is the new kid on the block
  245. 25/11/2013Frozen pulling in the crowds
  246. 22/11/20132013: A Good Year for African American cinema
  247. 21/11/2013Keanu Reeves stars in samurai movie “47 Ronin”
  248. 20/11/2013Pilger’s Utopia denounces Australia’s “apartheid”
  249. 19/11/2013Dench and Coogan star in Philomena
  250. 18/11/2013Governors Awards: stars hit red carpet
  251. 18/11/2013Controversial documentary explores South Africa’s KK camps
  252. 15/11/2013Mikkelsen, LaBeouf star in Romanian romance “Charlie Countryman”
  253. 14/11/2013New doc explores Mexican drugs war
  254. 12/11/2013‘Catching Fire’ hopes to emulate ‘Hunger Games’ success
  255. 12/11/2013‘Her’ puts Scarlett Johansson in a box
  256. 11/11/2013Nebraska is Payne’s latest look at human condition
  257. 08/11/2013Europe’s film festival season opens in (controversial) style
  258. 07/11/2013‘Short Terms 12’ is a film festival hit
  259. 06/11/2013Last chance to party in ‘Last Vegas’
  260. 06/11/2013‘The Monuments Men’ to the rescue in a race against time
  261. 05/11/2013Mandela biopic opens in South Africa
  262. 04/11/2013Jimi Hendrix: the paratrooper who jumped to rock stardom in new documentary
  263. 01/11/2013Bollywood superhero film ‘Krrish 3’ proves a hit with fans
  264. 01/11/2013Jude Law fattens up for ex-con role in new ‘Dom Hemingway’ film
  265. 31/10/2013Dallas Buyers Club turns back the clock on AIDS epidemic through the eyes of cowboy Ron Woodruff
  266. 30/10/2013Record-breaking start for Waar – a controversial film on Pakistan/India tensions
  267. 29/10/2013‘Enders Game’: the emotional and physical price of war
  268. 25/10/2013Time travelling turkeys try to get themselves off the Thanksgiving menu
  269. 23/10/2013‘Saving Mr Banks’ premiers in London
  270. 18/10/2013Banned movie gets new release of life at the London Film Festival
  271. 19/09/2013Paltrow dates ex-sex addict in new movie
  272. 02/09/2013Oscar-winning director honours Walesa
  273. 02/09/201339th Deauville American Film Festival
  274. 12/07/2013‘The Gardener’ – an Iranian film in Israel
  275. 11/07/2013Trio reunite to save mankind
  276. 10/07/2013WikiLeaks film reveals all
  277. 09/07/2013Hungarian film of childrens’ war wins top prize at Czech festival
  278. 08/07/2013Aznavour honoured at Golden Apricot Festival
  279. 05/07/2013Coming soon to a screen near you…
  280. 04/07/2013Orgies, strip-joints… Karlovy Vary celebrates an eclectic selection of films
  281. 03/07/2013Turbo: the fastest snail in the world
  282. 02/07/2013John Travolta honoured at Karlovy Vary
  283. 01/07/2013Monsters V robots in Hellboy’s director Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim
  284. 28/06/2013Roland Emmerich brings down the White House… again
  285. 27/06/2013RED 2: Willis and co. retire from retirement – again
  286. 26/06/2013Sandra Bullock stars in cop comedy The Heat
  287. 25/06/2013Hi-Ho! The Lone Ranger rides again
  288. 24/06/2013Despicably successful Gru is back
  289. 21/06/2013Dance of the Steel Bars
  290. 20/06/2013Mickey Mouse goes global
  291. 19/06/2013‘Game of Thrones’ boosts Northern Ireland’s economy
  292. 18/06/2013‘Hummingbird’ premiere in London
  293. 17/06/2013Singing the praises of the unheard
  294. 14/06/2013A beast of a time: Monsters University film opens in July
  295. 14/06/2013Future movie releases: “Diana”, “Need for Speed” and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”
  296. 13/06/2013Writer’s block: ‘Stuck in Love’
  297. 12/06/2013The Iceman – a chilling true story
  298. 11/06/2013‘Man of Steel’ premieres in New York
  299. 10/06/2013‘This Is The End’ hits cinemas
  300. 10/06/2013Neil Jordan takes a second bite in ‘Byzantine’
  301. 07/06/2013Comedy duo go Google gaga
  302. 06/06/2013Hijacking horror for the screen
  303. 05/06/2013Depardieu in Chechnya for revenge in “Turquoise”
  304. 04/06/2013Blood is thicker than water for cop brothers
  305. 03/06/2013Angelina Jolie makes first public appearance after mastecomy
  306. 31/05/2013Smiths come back down to Earth
  307. 30/05/2013Jackie Stewart does one last lap
  308. 29/05/2013The Hangover finally gets sober
  309. 28/05/2013Zulu closes Cannes
  310. 27/05/2013Cannes crowns its champions
  311. 24/05/2013‘Omar’ creates a buzz at Cannes
  312. 23/05/2013Renowned Indian dancer Raghunath Manet brings his first film to Cannes
  313. 23/05/2013Matt Damon on sharing a bed with Michael Douglas
  314. 22/05/2013Cannes we come in?
  315. 21/05/2013In Cannes: MEDIA Prize awarded to Thomas Vinterberg
  316. 20/05/2013Cannes: The Past coming soon
  317. 17/05/2013Cannes honours Bollywood
  318. 16/05/2013Bataan death march set for Cannes screening
  319. 15/05/2013Cannes kicks off
  320. 14/05/2013Aftershock shakes
  321. 13/05/2013Beyoncé: from pop royalty to cartoon queen
  322. 10/05/2013On Set: Bollywood On Location in London
  323. 08/05/2013What Maisie Knew is new
  324. 07/05/2013Fill The Void looks at Israel’s Orthodox community
  325. 06/05/2013Kon-Tiki makes waves at cinema
  326. 03/05/2013Sixth time lucky for Great Gatsby
  327. 03/05/2013Star Trek goes into the darkness
  328. 02/05/2013Colin Firth takes risks in new film ‘Arthur Newman’
  329. 30/04/2013‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ – rethinking the American dream
  330. 29/04/2013Badgley shines as Jeff Buckley
  331. 26/04/2013Spielberg to preside over Cannes jury
  332. 25/04/2013Long-awaited third part of ‘Before’ trilogy opens
  333. 24/04/2013McConaughey in Mississippi Mud
  334. 23/04/2013Pain and gain for bodybuilding kidnappers
  335. 19/04/2013Scary Movie 5: a sequel too far?
  336. 18/04/2013A brave film about cowardice
  337. 17/04/2013Tribeca honours Mandela, showcases ‘The National’
  338. 16/04/2013The Butterfly’s Dream causes a flutter at Istanbul festival
  339. 15/04/2013Cinema protest dominates Istanbul festival
  340. 12/04/2013Film tribute to civil rights pioneer Jackie Robinson
  341. 11/04/2013Rendez Vous with French stars
  342. 10/04/2013‘The Weekend’ reunites ex-terrorist’s friends and family
  343. 09/04/2013The Iron Lady lives on
  344. 08/04/2013HBO unearth Holocaust rescue documentary
  345. 04/04/2013Rewarding the richness in Greek cinema
  346. 02/04/2013A world of wonder
  347. 01/04/2013Emperor explores US post war ties with Japan
  348. 29/03/2013Tom Cruise is last man on Earth in Oblivion
  349. 28/03/2013New melodies for 1926 silent movie
  350. 27/03/2013Welcome to the Punch
  351. 26/03/2013“Yo Joe”, the G.I.s are back on the big screen
  352. 25/03/2013Big screen premieres: The Host and Trance
  353. 22/03/2013Pleasing The Croods
  354. 21/03/2013Olympus Has Fallen – baddies in the White House
  355. 21/03/2013From Stunt Rider to Bank Robber, via Family Man
  356. 19/03/2013Halle Berry takes it to the wire in thriller The Call
  357. 18/03/2013Almodóvar Is So Excited
  358. 15/03/2013The latest Last Exorcism
  359. 14/03/2013Fantasporto film festival
  360. 13/03/2013The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  361. 12/03/2013Getting animated at Cartoon Movie in Lyon
  362. 11/03/2013Animated doc on North Korea wins human rights award
  363. 11/03/2013Indian film ID scoops Grand Prix at Deauville
  364. 08/03/2013Italian cinema says ciao to London
  365. 07/03/2013Bean there, not done that in Jack the Giant Slayer
  366. 05/03/2013Painful journey of discovery in ‘Lore’
  367. 01/03/2013How broken is ‘Broken City’?
  368. 28/02/2013Fleshing out love in ‘Warm Bodies’
  369. 27/02/2013Natascha Kampusch’s ordeal on film
  370. 26/02/2013Naître Père: Gay fathers
  371. 22/02/2013Strong Foreign Language field at this year’s Oscars
  372. 20/02/2013Stars line red carpet for Oscars
  373. 19/02/2013Hopes that Ralph will meet Oscar
  374. 18/02/2013Life and death Romanian film ‘Child’s Pose’ wins top Berlin prize
  375. 15/02/2013Warm Berlin welcome for groundbreaking Kazakh movie
  376. 14/02/2013Lashings of angst in latest Berlinale offerings
  377. 13/02/2013Layla Fourie screens at Berlinale
  378. 12/02/2013Eastern Western
  379. 12/02/2013Berlin gets sexy with ‘The Look of Love’ and ‘Lovelace’
  380. 08/02/2013‘The Grandmaster’ kickstarts the 63rd Berlinale
  381. 07/02/2013Wadjda
  382. 06/02/2013Unwanted Side Effects
  383. 05/02/2013A Good Day to Die Hard
  384. 04/02/2013Hopkins plays Hitchcock
  385. 31/01/2013Sly is back in ‘Bullet to the head’
  386. 30/01/2013J-Lo shows she’s still got it in ‘Parker’
  387. 29/01/2013Apatow hopes ‘This is 40’ will match ‘Knocked Up’
  388. 28/01/2013Burning Bush pays tribute to Jan Palach’s family
  389. 25/01/2013Bollywood takes the sequel road with ‘Race 2’
  390. 24/01/2013Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters
  391. 22/01/2013Flight takes off
  392. 21/01/2013French cinema enjoys success
  393. 18/01/2013Women filmmakers see the light at Sundance
  394. 17/01/2013Arnie is back in “The Last Stand”
  395. 16/01/2013Inside the UN
  396. 15/01/2013Red carpet robot
  397. 11/01/2013Berlin film festival opens with ‘The Grandmaster’
  398. 10/01/2013‘Twilight’ bids to be year’s top turkey
  399. 09/01/2013Gangster Squad rides again
  400. 08/01/2013Made in Mexico: movie of a musical journey
  401. 07/01/2013From Oz to Middle Earth: coming out in 2013
  402. 21/12/2012Polish WWII massacre film causes shockwaves
  403. 20/12/2012Deadfall: Bana and Wilde star as sibling gangsters
  404. 19/12/2012Tarantino unchains Django
  405. 18/12/2012Moroccan cinema decimated by piracy
  406. 17/12/2012Ludwig: the fairytale castle king
  407. 14/12/2012Tom Cruise defends ‘Jack Reacher’ role
  408. 12/12/2012Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star in tsunami spectacular “The Impossible”
  409. 10/12/2012Boorman presents prizes at the International Film Festival of Marrakech
  410. 03/12/2012European cinema in rude health
  411. 30/11/2012Great Expectations, new adaptation
  412. 27/11/2012Pena and Gyllenhaal star in End of Watch
  413. 26/11/2012Keira Knightley is Anna Karenina
  414. 23/11/2012Lohan’s Liz Taylor performance savaged by critics
  415. 22/11/2012Easter Bunny and Santa in bogeyman face-off
  416. 21/11/2012Gambit opening revisits Caine classic comedy
  417. 20/11/2012Chasing Ice
  418. 16/11/2012Le Capital heads for glory
  419. 15/11/2012Goltzius and The Pelican Company nude
  420. 13/11/2012Darkness falls on the Twilight saga
  421. 12/11/2012Chinese famine and Mari wives at Rome Festival
  422. 09/11/2012Ang Lee directs “Life Of Pi”
  423. 08/11/2012“The Central Park Five”, a gritty and critical true story
  424. 07/11/2012Disney’s latest fairy film to make cinema bow
  425. 01/11/2012‘Borgias’ promise more thrills for Season 2
  426. 31/10/2012Cloud Atlas explodes onto screens worldwide
  427. 30/10/2012Family laughs as “Fun Size” hits the silver screen
  428. 29/10/2012Aboriginal girl group glitter in “The Sapphires”
  429. 25/10/2012Ki-Duk’s ‘Pieta’ gets US release for Oscars
  430. 23/10/2012Tomorrow but not today
  431. 22/10/2012Ginger and Rosa
  432. 18/10/2012Nicole Kidman and the paperboy
  433. 17/10/2012Asterix and Obelix head for Britain
  434. 16/10/2012Ethan Hawke plays scared for ‘Sinister’
  435. 15/10/2012Indian political thriller premieres in London
  436. 12/10/2012Terry Gilliam short wins at Med film festival
  437. 09/10/2012BFI 56 takes over London’s screens
  438. 08/10/2012“Argo” sees Affleck lost at sea
  439. 02/10/2012Neeson is back with Taken 2
  440. 01/10/2012Eastwood stars in producer pal’s debut film Trouble with the Curve
  441. 28/09/2012Hotel Transylvania welcomes the Drac-Pack
  442. 26/09/2012Besson brings a touch of Hollywood to Paris
  443. 21/09/2012Emma Watson goes back to school
  444. 19/09/2012The Possession grips at the box office
  445. 18/09/2012Dakota Fanning stars in Now Is Good
  446. 17/09/2012Karl Urban on challenge of playing Dredd
  447. 14/09/2012Milla Jovovich back in Resident Evil: Retribution
  448. 13/09/2012Bill Murray plays FDR in “Hyde Park on Hudson”
  449. 13/09/2012Haneke’s Amour premieres in Germany
  450. 05/09/2012Saudi film charms Venice
  451. 29/08/2012Hope Springs eternal for Meryl Streep
  452. 03/08/2012‘Stalingrad’ 3D IMAX movie all set to go
  453. 02/08/2012Gentlemen prefer blondes
  454. 01/08/2012Bourne Legacy saga continues
  455. 31/07/2012Whatever happened to the supermodels?
  456. 26/07/2012Sweet little mystery of the Sugar Man
  457. 24/07/2012Naughty bear ‘Ted’ opens in Europe
  458. 20/07/2012‘Red lights’ leaves some critics turned off
  459. 19/07/2012Michael Madsen and Peter Greenaway at the Odessa International Film Festival
  460. 18/07/2012The invisible war – sexual abuse in the US Army
  461. 17/07/2012Outfest turns 30
  462. 13/07/2012The Dark Knight Rises: Christopher Nolan’s last stand
  463. 12/07/2012Chariots of Fire marks start of London Olympics
  464. 11/07/2012‘The Imposter’ – a chilling family tale
  465. 09/07/2012Norwegian film grabs top prize at Karlovy Vary
  466. 06/07/2012Count Dracula takes on a new dimension in 3D
  467. 05/07/2012‘The Queen of Versailles’ – a tale of riches to rags
  468. 03/07/2012No Drift in Ice Age’s winning formula
  469. 28/06/2012Travolta and Hayek star in Oliver Stone’s Savages
  470. 28/06/2012Katy Perry ‘I’m not always great’
  471. 27/06/2012Channing Tatum on Magic Mike and his stripper past
  472. 25/06/2012Carell and Knightley in Seeking A Friend…
  473. 21/06/2012Animated doc explores adoption and identity
  474. 15/06/2012Woody Allen’s Roman romantic comedy
  475. 14/06/2012The Amazing Spider-Man drops in at Tokyo premiere
  476. 12/06/2012Irish animation in spotlight at Annecy
  477. 11/06/2012Rock of Ages: big screen tribute to ’80s nostalgia
  478. 04/06/2012Hunger Games and Twilight dominate MTV Movie Awards
  479. 28/05/2012Cannes 2012: a roundup
  480. 25/05/2012Cannes: Holy Motors breakdown
  481. 24/05/2012In Another Country
  482. 21/05/2012Cannes: Beyond The Hills
  483. 15/05/2012Snow White and the Huntsman
  484. 14/05/2012Life after war in Bosnia
  485. 11/05/2012‘Claustrophobic’ marital comedy hits cinemas
  486. 10/05/2012Spurlock’s new comedy questions masculinity
  487. 07/05/2012Prometheus premature
  488. 04/05/2012Jason Statham plays it Safe
  489. 03/05/2012From Borat to Dictator
  490. 02/05/2012Dark Shadows not merely make-up
  491. 01/05/2012Nazis from the moon at a cinema near you
  492. 24/04/2012Meryl Streep narrates polar bear documentary
  493. 23/04/2012Marvel superheros hit silver screen in Avengers
  494. 20/04/2012Oscar the orphan chimp gets his name in lights
  495. 20/04/2012Cannes film festival line-up unveiled
  496. 19/04/2012Inside the world of reggae legend Bob Marley
  497. 19/04/2012Emily Blunt features at 11th Tribeca festival
  498. 17/04/2012Woody goes ‘To Rome with Love’
  499. 13/04/2012Diaz puts spotlight on police brutality
  500. 12/04/2012Zany French jocks hit the road in Radiostars
  501. 10/04/2012If you go down to the woods today…...
  502. 09/04/2012American Pie gang ‘reunited’
  503. 04/04/2012Headhunters rides on wave of Nordic noir
  504. 03/04/2012Titanic sails back to big screen for 3D release
  505. 02/04/2012Adam Sandler sets new Razzie record
  506. 30/03/2012The Pirates! 7,000 mouths, 320 people, 18 months
  507. 27/03/2012Wrath Of The Titans opens in Europe
  508. 22/03/2012Werner Herzog tackles Texas killings
  509. 21/03/2012Where they belong: Muppets get Hollywood star
  510. 20/03/2012Who is the fairest of them all?
  511. 19/03/2012Brody stars in Tony Kaye’s drama Detachment
  512. 13/03/2012Deauville Asian film festival
  513. 09/03/2012Animated film Wrinkles kicks off Cartoon forum
  514. 08/03/2012Nuclear Nation: story of Fukushima refugees
  515. 02/03/2012Greek cinema: ‘despair is not an option’
  516. 22/02/2012Arab Spring at Berlin’s Film Festival
  517. 14/02/2012Babelsberg Film Studio marks a century
  518. 10/02/2012French Revolution film opens Berlinale
  519. 07/02/2012The Surrogate: It’s about sex
  520. 06/02/2012Newcomer Horn is Extremely Good & Incredibly Poised
  521. 02/02/2012It’s time to meet the Muppets… again
  522. 30/01/2012Oscar pointers in SAG Awards?
  523. 27/01/2012Focus on Foreign Language Film Oscar nominations
  524. 26/01/2012Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan talks about country’s dual character
  525. 25/01/2012The Artist and Hugo lead Oscar nomination field
  526. 18/01/2012George Lucas’ Red Tails prepares for take-off
  527. 13/01/2012The Artist is the Critics’ Choice
  528. 12/01/2012Shame
  529. 10/01/2012New generation sees Poland’s silent movies
  530. 06/01/2012Oscar buzz for Fiennes’ contemporary Coriolanus
  531. 05/01/2012Documentary lays bare Mussolini personality cult
  532. 03/01/2012The Iron Lady is back!
  533. 02/01/2012Eastwood uncovers enigmatic Hoover
  534. 13/12/2011In the Land of Blood and Honey
  535. 06/12/2011Happy New Year?
  536. 30/11/2011Charlize Theron plays “anti-hero” in Young Adult
  537. 29/11/2011Israeli film Footnote on road to Oscars
  538. 25/11/2011Take Shelter
  539. 24/11/2011With “Hugo” Martin Scorsese goes 3D
  540. 16/11/2011Fairytale The Flying Machine celebrates Chopin
  541. 15/11/2011Twihard fans camp out for Breaking Dawn premiere
  542. 11/11/2011Macedonian film sparks anger in Bulgaria
  543. 10/11/2011Khodorkovsky’s son moved by documentary
  544. 08/11/2011Intouchables: the ‘unoriginal’ odd couple movie
  545. 07/11/2011New wave Brit cinema hits London
  546. 04/11/2011Ceylan’s Once Upon a Time in Anatolia sent to Oscars
  547. 02/11/2011Sex strike and gender revolution in The Source
  548. 22/10/2011Spielberg’s 3D adventures of Tintin premiers
  549. 19/10/2011The Thing gets 21st century makeover
  550. 17/10/2011Blistering barnacles! It’s Spielberg’s Tintin
  551. 14/10/2011Depp dips back into gonzo world
  552. 13/10/2011Levy directs robot action flick Real Steel
  553. 11/10/2011Footloose remake cuts loose on big screen
  554. 29/09/2011French movie shines light on role of Muslims in the resistance
  555. 26/09/2011Gosling says “Drive” is the film he always wanted to make
  556. 19/09/2011Abduction likely to capture teen fans’ imagination
  557. 16/09/2011Le Carré Cold War spy story opens in UK
  558. 07/09/2011Johnson’s Return shows at Deauville
  559. 05/09/2011Pacino presents most personal project in Venice
  560. 01/09/2011Venice Film Festival opens
  561. 02/08/2011Seventh Apes movie morals in action
  562. 01/08/2011Turkish Passport WWII Jews’ salvation
  563. 28/07/2011Cowboys & Aliens, 1873 sci-fi
  564. 25/07/2011Balkan tales at Sarajevo
  565. 21/07/2011Latest film from Timberlake
  566. 20/07/2011Peter Chan does martial arts in ‘Wu Xia’
  567. 14/07/2011Spanish drama heads for Hollywood remake
  568. 29/06/2011Selena Gomez stars in summer teenage flick
  569. 28/06/2011Immigrants play lead role in new Hollywood movie
  570. 24/06/2011Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in Moscow
  571. 21/06/2011Afghan cinema in fight for survival
  572. 20/06/2011Cars 2 premieres in LA
  573. 16/06/2011Green Lantern hits silver screen
  574. 15/06/2011Carrey returns to comic roots with penguin movie
  575. 13/06/2011French cinema wins top awards in Annecy
  576. 09/06/2011Annecy focuses on US indie animation
  577. 31/05/2011The golden age of learning in ‘The First Grader’
  578. 27/05/2011X-Men: First Class goes back to beginning
  579. 16/05/2011Diana doc stirs controversy in Cannes
  580. 04/05/2011Maker of Saw launches new horror flick in Europe
  581. 26/04/2011Royal love story panned by critics
  582. 25/04/2011Hammer time for Branagh
  583. 20/04/2011Detective Dee dominates HK Film Awards
  584. 18/04/2011New documentary gives voice to autists
  585. 14/04/20113D: box office viagra for porn industry?
  586. 12/04/2011Arquette and Cox back in Scream 4
  587. 07/04/2011Young actress wows as teenage assassin
  588. 04/04/2011Pirates of the Caribbean saga continues
  589. 31/03/2011Jim Loach’s film debut: Oranges And Sunshine
  590. 09/03/2011‘Twilight’ director retells story of Red Riding Hood
  591. 03/03/2011Drive Angry: action movie from hell
  592. 24/02/2011Daniel Bruhl stars in German football fever movie
  593. 10/02/2011Bieber fever grips L.A.
  594. 07/02/2011‘Gnomeo & Juliet’ set to be half-term hit
  595. 27/01/2011Turkish action movie slammed as anti-Semitic
  596. 24/01/2011Sundance: indie films receive critical acclaim
  597. 19/01/2011Winona Ryder’s big screen comeback
  598. 13/01/2011Blue Valentine: cautionary tale of love lost