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All the latest movie news with clips, comment and interviews from the world of cinema

Shift of focus: Refugees take the spotlight at the Berlin Film Festival

12/02 13:41 CET

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  12. 15/12/2015Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reunite at ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ World Premiere
  13. 15/12/2015‘Chi-raq’ a Spike Lee satire on guns and gangs in modern America
  14. 14/12/2015Establishment triumphs at the European Film Awards
  15. 11/12/2015Blizzard, blood and bounty hunters in Tarantino’s new western
  16. 09/12/2015European Film Awards: Amy Winehouse documentary nominated
  17. 08/12/2015Lily Tomlin lights up as Weitz’s “Grandma”
  18. 08/12/2015Ron Howard digs deep to reveal horrors “In the Heart of the Sea”
  19. 03/12/2015Youth lead the nominations for the European Film Awards
  20. 02/12/2015Made in Ukraine – “Polina” a fantasy film from Kyiv
  21. 02/12/2015Greek films on the international stage
  22. 01/12/2015euronews’ Christmas movie previews – three of the best
  23. 01/12/2015A marriage made in music; the extraordinary tale of Afghan rapper Sonita Alizadeh
  24. 30/11/2015Terence Davies casts former model in ‘Sunset Song’
  25. 30/11/2015Pope Francis biopic hits the big screen
  26. 26/11/2015Kingdom of Shadows turns the camera on three individuals in the US – Mexico drug war
  27. 26/11/2015Rocky Balboa is back
  28. 25/11/2015LUX prize awarded to for Deniz Gamze Erguven’s “Mustang”
  29. 25/11/2015Coming to the big screen near you
  30. 24/11/2015France bags a hat-trick at the International Emmy Awards
  31. 23/11/2015Pixar delves into prehistory with ‘The Good Dinosaur’
  32. 23/11/2015‘Miss you Already’ fun, friendship and cancer
  33. 19/11/2015‘Carol’ a tale of lesbian love and lust in 50’s New York
  34. 19/11/2015Caught by the Maasai at mid-on ‘Warriors’ play cricket
  35. 17/11/2015Thessaloniki Film Festival a home for independent cinema
  36. 16/11/2015Swastikas over Times Square in ‘The Man in the High Castle’
  37. 13/11/2015Pixar veteran offers personal story in new short
  38. 13/11/2015Trailer to “Finding Nemo” sequel unveiled
  39. 12/11/2015Winslet matches haute couture with hot revenge in “The Dressmaker”
  40. 11/11/2015Films out now in Europe
  41. 11/11/2015Ronaldo launches self-titled doc in London
  42. 10/11/2015‘The Little Prince’ hits big screens around the world
  43. 09/11/2015‘Warcraft’ the movie won’t disappoint says director
  44. 06/11/2015Jolie-Pitt couple in trouble in ‘By The Sea’
  45. 06/11/2015First trailer reveals taste of ‘Through The Looking Glass’
  46. 06/11/2015Every actor has his price
  47. 05/11/2015The Hunger Games: final film in hit series premieres in Berlin
  48. 04/11/2015Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt reunited on screen in ‘By The Sea’
  49. 03/11/2015Nicholas Hoult stars in Britpop cult novel adaptation
  50. 02/11/2015Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton team up as spin doctors
  51. 30/10/2015Golden Life launches in Hungary
  52. 29/10/2015Youth meanders around Switzerland
  53. 28/10/2015Bradley Cooper is cooking in ‘Burnt’
  54. 27/10/2015Bond is back in Spectre
  55. 27/10/2015Home Guards in Hungary
  56. 26/10/2015Room with no view at all
  57. 23/10/2015Luc Jacquet talks Ice and Sky to euronews
  58. 23/10/2015Cannes Jury Prize winner “The Lobster” hits movie theatres
  59. 22/10/2015Bill Murray stars in Barry Levinson’s ‘Rock the Kasbah’
  60. 21/10/2015Bennett classic ‘The Lady in the Van’ on the big screen
  61. 21/10/2015Star Wars fever hits Hollywood
  62. 20/10/2015Exclusive: Mads Mikkelsen and Nicolas Winding Refn chat to euronews
  63. 19/10/2015Martin Scorsese honoured at Lyon’s Festival Lumière
  64. 16/10/2015Vin Diesel stars as Kaulder in the film The Last Witch Hunter.
  65. 15/10/2015Former child actor Elijah Wood stars in Cooties – a new horror-comedy movie
  66. 14/10/2015Crimson Peak a Gothic romance with a twist
  67. 13/10/2015Brooklyn: An Irish girl torn between two lovers and two countries
  68. 12/10/2015Trumbo: the true story of a screenwriter banned from Hollywood
  69. 09/10/2015Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford team up in ‘Truth’
  70. 08/10/2015Hitler is back in German satirical comedy
  71. 08/10/2015Domestic violence protestors crash ‘Suffragette’ London premiere
  72. 07/10/2015Keanu Reeves stars in erotic thriller ‘Knock Knock’
  73. 06/10/2015Multi-million dollar Hungarian movie hopes to compete with Hollywood
  74. 05/10/2015Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ co-written by Coen brothers
  75. 02/10/2015The Walk recounts the ‘artistic crime of the century’
  76. 01/10/2015Fassbender wows Edinburgh crowd for Macbeth premiere
  77. 30/09/2015Golden Eye Award to Liam Hemsworth at Zurich Film Festival
  78. 29/09/2015Behind the scenes: The Bigger Picture
  79. 28/09/2015A photographer’s eye on James Dean’s life
  80. 25/09/2015Roland Emmerich gay film controversy
  81. 25/09/2015Benoît Poelvoorde plays God in wacky Belgian satire
  82. 24/09/2015Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Sicario’ explores vicious cycle of evil
  83. 23/09/2015Senior De Niro works for a youthful Hathaway in The Intern
  84. 22/09/2015Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara star in CGI-infused blockbuster ‘Pan’
  85. 21/09/2015David Oyelowo stars in redemption thriller
  86. 21/09/2015Chewetel Ejiofor, Chris Pine, Margot Robbie in post-apocalyptic thriller
  87. 18/09/2015British short ‘The Bigger Picture’ wins Cartoon d’Or
  88. 17/09/2015Natalie Portman stars in directorial debut set in Israel
  89. 16/09/2015Matt Damon is Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’
  90. 15/09/2015Sundance winner hits European screens
  91. 11/09/2015Steve Jobs: documentary maker challenges the myth
  92. 10/09/2015Venice Festival: forbidden love on South Pacific island
  93. 09/09/2015US subprime crisis on screen at Deauville Film Festival
  94. 08/09/2015War in Afghanistan at Venice Film Festival
  95. 07/09/2015Taste of America comes to Deauville for Film Festival
  96. 07/09/2015Star-studded world premieres shine at Venice Film Festival
  97. 04/09/2015Boston Globe revelations of child abuse hit the silver screen in the film Spotlight
  98. 03/09/2015Rom-com gets real with Meet the Patels
  99. 03/09/2015Everest cast and crew discuss taking on the world’s highest mountain
  100. 02/09/2015Stars and gondolas, Venice Film Festivals opens on top of the world
  101. 02/09/2015Redford and Nolte take a hike in A Walk in the Woods
  102. 31/08/2015‘No Escape’ puts Owen Wilson’s family in peril
  103. 28/08/2015“The 33” digs into 2010 Chilean mining rescue and media circus
  104. 27/08/2015Rap biopic rules Hollywood as NWA stay top for second week
  105. 26/08/20153D animation brings Polish World War Two hero to life
  106. 25/08/2015Efron takes dancehall vibe to big screen in “We Are Your Friends”
  107. 24/08/2015Richie breathes life into “Man from UNCLE” brand
  108. 17/08/2015Awakening the force, Disney reveals new adventures for Star Wars fans
  109. 31/07/2015Top animators collaborate on Kahlil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’
  110. 31/07/2015A conversation with Michel Ciment, film critic and chief editor of French film magazine “Positif”
  111. 30/07/2015Venice announces starry Lido line-up
  112. 30/07/2015‘Pennies’: A story of Palestinian child beggars
  113. 29/07/2015Spectre vs Hunger Games: A first look at Autumn’s hottest releases
  114. 28/07/2015Highschool comes back to haunt in ‘The Gift’
  115. 27/07/2015Vacation – a trip down memory lane with Chevy Chase and co
  116. 24/07/2015John Turturro picks up Lifetime Award at Jerusalem Film Festival
  117. 23/07/2015Charlize Theron stars in best-seller adaptation of ‘Dark Places’
  118. 22/07/2015Video game characters attack Earth in ‘Pixels’
  119. 21/07/2015‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ – the wait is nearly over
  120. 17/07/2015‘Self/less’ a provocative psychological science fiction thriller
  121. 16/07/2015Gothic horror and superheroes at Comic Con in San Diego
  122. 15/07/2015‘Irrational Man’ Allen’s dramedy misfires
  123. 14/07/2015Manhood, war and propaganda on show at Odessa Film Festival
  124. 13/07/2015Karlovy Vary hands out the Crystal Globes to an eclectic selection
  125. 09/07/2015‘The Gallows’ high school horror movie
  126. 08/07/2015Beware ‘The Red Spider’ and heed ‘The Sound of Trees’ at Karlovy Vary
  127. 07/07/2015All ‘Heil’ Karlovy Vary a platform for young film directors
  128. 06/07/2015Richard Gere honoured at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival
  129. 02/07/2015Embedded in Star Wars: immersive cinema hits London
  130. 01/07/2015‘Magic Mike’ the big stripper is back in ‘Magic Mike XXL’
  131. 01/07/2015‘Amy’ the haunting documentary of a vulnerable soul singer
  132. 30/06/2015Marvel Studios’ ‘Ant-Man’ hits the big screen this summer
  133. 29/06/2015‘Max’ or a war dog’s post-traumatic stress
  134. 25/06/2015When governments don’t help, vigilantes fight the drugs war in “Cartel Land”
  135. 25/06/2015“Ted 2” set to knock the stuffing out of the summer cinema market
  136. 24/06/2015Documentaries shine spotlight on Jordan’s refugee crisis and Pakistani rights campaigner Malala Yousafzai
  137. 23/06/2015‘The Wolfpack’ chronicles siblings’ life locked away in NYC flat
  138. 22/06/2015Schwarzenegger is back in ‘Terminator Genisys’
  139. 19/06/2015“The Lies of the Winners” – a German film on how society can be manipulated
  140. 18/06/2015Independent movies about a call girl and genetically modified foods premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival
  141. 18/06/2015Sir Ian McKellan plays Sherlock Holmes in a new movie about the sleuth’s final case
  142. 17/06/2015Animation industry and festival fans flock to Annecy