Discover Bansko Bulgaria, a top winter sports destination for 2022

Discover Bansko Bulgaria, a top winter sports destination for 2022
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With breathtaking landscapes, magnificent slopes and plenty of activities on offer, in this week's Adventures we go to Bansko, one of Bulgaria's top snow-capped destinations.

Bansko is one of Bulgaria's top alpine destinations, covering an area of around 75km, the breathtaking landscape offers a host of winter sport activities.

“We are in the Pirin National Park, on the Todorka Peak, which is 2,530 meters above sea level. From here we have a wonderful panorama of the Northern Pirin and of its highest peak, the Vihren mountain. With its 2,914 meters, it’s the second-highest peak in Bulgaria and the third in the Balkan peninsula,” explains skiing guide and founder of Bankso Extreme, Georgi Tsenkin.

Bansko caters for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.Euronews

Bansko caters for both skiers and snowboarders but the scenery can also be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. For example, there are plenty of walks on offer for those who prefer snowshoeing.

"In the Pirin National Park you can enjoy a wide variety of hiking routes in winter using snowshoes. You can climb to the highest part of the mountain and visit over 180 lakes with the help of a guide," Georgi says.

There are a wide variety of hiking routes in the Pirin National Park.Euronews
I’ve come to one of the most traditional spas around here. You really feel like a local. It’s easy to blend in, have a chat and prepare for your next day in the snow!
Monica Pinna

Rest and relaxation

One of the best ways to end the day after a hard day on the slopes is by diving into a spa. And there is plenty of choice on offer with several thermal springs close to Bansko.

Bankso has several thermal springsEuronews

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