Beach life in Dubai, a vibrant experience for the entire family to enjoy

Beach life in Dubai, a vibrant experience for the entire family to enjoy
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By Jane Witherspoon

Postcards explores the coastline of Dubai which sits between Burj Al Arab and La Mer, focusing on beach life activities that take place in and around Jumeirah 1 and Kite Beach.

Fitness and food

From beachfront yoga sessions and workouts to paddle boarding, it’s a hub of activity. There's a happy balance of fitness and food, as many food trucks are dotted along this stretch of beach as well.

Euronews' reporter Jane Witherspoon in front of some of the many food truckseuronewsCredit: Dubai

Fun for all the family

If you're with your family, there's still plenty of fun to be had with activities that are available for the younger generation. 

XPark Jnr. is the only natural playscape of its kind in the UAE. It offers children a forest-style environment where they can feed some of the animals housed there. There are also climbing areas and a dedicated splash pad.

Children feeding ponies at XPark Jnr.euronewsCredit: Dubai

Sea skills

Pirates Surf Rescue Dubai’ teaches children to surf in safety via its lifeguard lessons. It's a programme that is helping both the development of their knowledge of the ocean and how they can help others in the sea if they need to. 

One of the 'Pirates Surf Rescue Dubai' classeseuronewsCredit: Dubai

They hold classes on the beach and in local waters. It's recognised as one of Dubai’s best water sports programmes for ages 5-20.