The sando: From humble sandwich to Dubai snack sensation

The sando: From humble sandwich to Dubai snack sensation
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By Evan Bourke

‘Sanchoku Wagyu Sando’, a traditional Japanese recipe, has been developed by popular Dubai Chef Reif Othman in his restaurant, Kushiyaki. The recipes simplicity to cook combined with its succulent taste has made it a great choice for people cooking at home during the lockdown.

Originating in Japanese train stations, the humble ‘sando’ (the Japanese abbreviation for ‘sandwich’) is a snack traditionally eaten by commuters to stave off hunger on long journeys around Tokyo.

Internationally, the most well-known of the sandos is the Katsu Sando: lightly fried and breaded pork sandwiched between two pieces of fluffy Japanese milk bread, with a layer of cabbage for added crunch and a drizzle of sweet tonkatsu sauce.

The deliciously simple snack has taken the world by storm in recent years with chefs all over the world creating their versions of the ‘sando’.

A well-known name on the Dubai food scene, Chef Reif Othman, invited Euronews into his Japanese restaurant, Kushiyaki to try his modern interpretation: the ‘Sanchoku Wagyu Sando’.

Panko bread crumbs infused with charcoal powder are used to bread the wagyu beef. Then he briefly deep fat fries it until the bubbles from the breaded beef subside.

The advantage of the unpretentious sando snack is that you get maximum taste for minimum effort, a quintessential quarantine dish, this is how you can make one at home:



White loaf bread


Honey mustard mayo

Slice beef

Sweet chilli soy sauce

Tonkatsu sauce

Wagyu sirloin

All-purpose flour

Table salt

Black pepper


Charcoal panko


  • Season the wagyu beef with salt and black pepper.
  • Coat it with flour, egg and charcoal panko.
  • Brush the bread with butter on both side, and sear both sides untill it gets a nice brown colour.
  • Deep fry the breaded wagyu to your tastes.
  • Sear the sliced beef, and toss with sweet chilli soy sauce.
  • Spread honey mustard mayo on the bread.
  • Apply tonkatsu sauce on both side of Katsu and bread.
  • Plate, serve and enjoy.

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