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‘Affiliate Content’ is used to describe content that contains affiliate links. Euronews is compensated for the products and services linked to this article. This content is produced by Euronews affiliates and does not involve Euronews editorial staff or news journalists.

Self-care and work on your skill set: How to overcome pivot fatigue

'Pivot fatigue" is a new form of burnout.
'Pivot fatigue" is a new form of burnout.   -  Copyright  canva

By Dara Flynn

A change isn’t always as good as it seems . In fact, too much change can bring its own problems, as much for individuals as organisations. “Pivot fatigue” is among them.


The term originated in manufacturing, but was later commandeered by tech start-ups which - let’s face it - just love to pivot.

When applied to workers, it describes what happens when people’s roles are threatened, tweaked, downsized or redefined on an ongoing basis.

For the past two years, the tech sector has been undergoing “The Great Pivot,” with firms laying off swathes of workers and adapting their business strategies, leaving those left behind to pick up the slack in a new landscape.

Middle management has been struck a blow, as tech companies strive to flatten their workforces for better efficiency. This places more professional pressure on those positioned above, as well as those working below that level.

How to identify pivot fatigue


The fight or flight mode that seismic change imposes on workers isn’t a natural daily state. And when workers experience it to excess, burnout sets in.

It can affect everyone differently, but the most common signs that you might be suffering from pivot fatigue are a drop-off in your motivation levels, a ramping up of anxiety, repetitive negative thinking, a lack of focus, isolation from your colleagues and of course, a plummet in job satisfaction.

However, there are some things you can do to counter pivot fatigue and more smoothly ride the wave.

You come first

Firstly, mind yourself. This is a time to prioritise self-care, so if your work-life balance has been slipping in favour of your career, it’s time to readjust.

Make more space for favourite hobbies, your friends and quality time spent with family. A richer personal life will put your work life into better perspective.

Next, focus on personal growth with an eye on your career path. A pivot period is a perfect time to broaden your skill set, as well as work on personal development.

Look for training courses and workshops that will reset your life focus and enhance your existing skills. Investing in further education and training is a strategy pivot that can be taken at your own pace.

Take back control

If you don’t have clarity, insist on specific communication about your role from senior management. Getting a handle on where the company is heading - and your place on that journey - will really help.

Finally, why run yourself ragged with pivoting, when you could be pole vaulting? It’s often when things seem up in the air that great new offers you might not have thought of can present themselves.

This is the best kind of pivot: the opportunity pivot, and it calls for you to think flexibly, but puts you in control. Discover lots of opportunities on the Euronews Jobs Board, like the three below.


Senior Visual Editor, Special Projects, Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Discovery is the parent company of CNN. The globally recognised news brand has an open Senior Visual Editor role in London that teams media savvy with tech know-how.

The right candidate will be highly visual and creative, but tech-savvy too––preferably a whizz at graphics and interactive tools, and proficient in emerging storytelling forms such as AR+ motion graphics.

If you have a combination of editing experience, art direction, prototyping (Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD), graphics (Illustrator, AI2html, QGIS) and data analysis (R, Python), this could be your next role.

As a 12-month maternity cover contract, it could present an opportunity for someone with the right skillset to try out an exciting new environment. Apply for this role now.

Digital Engineering Senior Manager, Accenture

Accenture Ireland promises a workplace culture with a focus on learning, growth, and advancement. The company’s Song Build team is looking for a Senior Digital Engineering Manager.

Your job will be to grow the customer technology product and platform engineering practice, advise clients on their platform engineering capabilities and head up the engineering of digital transformation programmes.

Ideally you’ll have gathered a decade of experience in product and platform engineering, you’ll be familiar with at least one large public cloud vendor (AWS, Azure, GCP) and you’ll have managed engineering teams before. This role is based in central Dublin, Ireland. Read about the role and apply for it here.

Senior Data Product Manager, HelloFresh

Right now, data is everything. At HelloFresh, data products are a key focus and the company needs a Senior Data Product Manager to envision, design, and establish them as a core part of its business. You will identify data science solutions to run effective targeted marketing campaigns and to optimise marketing budgets.

You should be comfortable engaging in high-level technical and data discussions with engineers and data scientists, but also be able to explain highly technical concepts to a business audience and vice versa.

This role is Berlin-based, and the right candidate will be given plenty of assistance with moving to the city, as well as free German language courses. Apply for this exciting opportunity now.

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