Heckler asks UK PM Theresa May to resign after heavy election defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May on May 3, 2019
British Prime Minister Theresa May on May 3, 2019   -  Copyright  REUTERS/Russell Cheyne
By Alice Tidey  with Associated Press

"Why don't you resign? We don't want you," a heckler told May on Friday as she prepared to address the Welsh Conservative Conference.

British Prime Minister Theresa May was told to resign by a heckler on Friday after her party dealt a heavy blow in the previous day's local elections.

May was in Llangollen to speak at the Welsh Conservatives Conference but shortly after taking the stage, and as she prepared to speak, a man in the audience loudly asked: "why don't you resign?"

"We don't want you, we don't want you," he added.

May did not respond and smiled as the man was escorted out of the conference while other people in the audience chanted "out, out."

She then drew a laugh and a round of applause from the crowd by offering a "and good afternoon" in Welsh.

According to the Press Association news agency, the heckler is former Conservative councillor Stuart Davies.

The 71-year-old said afterwards: "I am furious at what she has done to our party. To put it bluntly, she is telling lies — 'We will be out by March 29'."

"If she's given a choice, she always picks the wrong choice, and that's what she's done all the way through," he added.

It comes as the Conservatives took a severe beating in local elections in England and Northern Ireland, losing some 1,100 councillors. The main opposition Labour party lost about 100 local representatives.

Commentators believe the two main parties were punished by voters over their handling of the country's exit from the European Union. The biggest winners of the local elections have been the pro-Remain Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

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