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Born in Europe to fight foreign wars? On the Frontline looks at the call to Jihad

Born in Europe to fight foreign wars? On the Frontline looks at the call to Jihad
By Euronews
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It has been described as the biggest security threat in a generation. Thousands of European jihadists radicalised and recruited to fight in Syria and Iraq. Europe insists it has woken up to the threat, but what should Europe do to stop more of its citizens joining militant groups, including ISIL, in Syria and Iraq? And how unified is the EU’s strategy to deal with foreign fighters if and when they come home?

This edition of “On the Frontline” talks to Jean-Charles Brisard, a counter terrorism expert, Marc Pierini a visiting scholar from Carnegie Europe and a former EU ambassador to Turkey and Syria, and also Hanif Qadir, a former jihadist who went to Afghanistan in 2002 to join the Taliban. Now the Director of Active Change Foundation, he works to prevent violent extremism.

To watch the programme, click on the player above, or join the conversation at #ftline

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