Bubbly bandits: French police recover €600,000 of stolen champagne in high-speed chase

French police thwart €600,000 champagne heist
French police thwart €600,000 champagne heist Copyright Credit: Canva Images
By Theo Farrant
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The thieves stole two champagne-filled lorries from a Reims-based company, triggering a high-speed pursuit on the A4 motorway towards Paris.


In the heart of the Champagne region near Reims, France, a dramatic incident unfolded on Saturday (11 November) as thieves made off with two truckloads of champagne valued at a staggering €600,000. 

The targeted lorries, full of Moët & Chandon bottles, were reported stolen from a Reims-based company between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Thanks to tracking device, the  stole vehicles were quickly located on the A4 motorway between Reims and Paris. 

A high-speed chase ensued, involving two police cars, attempting to stop the culprits. Despite the intense pursuit, the thieves managed to escape. 

In an attempt to shake off the pursuing officers, the drivers of the stolen lorries carried out abrupt swerving manoeuvres. 

As one of the lorries was forced to slow down, the driver leaped out and was swiftly picked up by a saloon car following the convoy, making a hasty escape.

Simultaneously, the second stolen lorry took the next exit, and was later discovered abandoned without its driver. 

A full investigation seeks to uncover the identity of the thieves is underway. 

Fortunately, the liquid loot was successfully recovered, intact and unharmed.

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