Euronews Culture’s Horror-a-thon: Final Day - Escargore

Escargore   -   Copyright  Oliver Hilbert
By David Mouriquand

It’s Halloween, and we here at Euronews Culture have been celebrating by treating readers brave enough a horror short film every day for the last week (and weekend). 

For the last part of our series, we’re ending on a high with Escargore, by Oliver Hilbert.

Escargots becoming escarghosts

Reminiscent of the horrors in The Little Mermaid kitchen scene, this animated short from Media Design School’s ‘3D Animation and VFX’ program is a snail snuff film that brilliantly blends comedy and animated-gore.

It follows five garden snails, who find themselves trapped in a kitchen of horrors and try to survive their final destination.

There’s not much more to say, apart from it’ll leave you shell-shocked…

Happy Halloween everyone and make sure to check out the rest of our Countdown to Halloween horror-a-thon series.