Rowing across the Atlantic: the ultimate adventure looking to inspire

Rowing across the Atlantic: the ultimate adventure looking to inspire
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By Gorkem Sifael

Toby Gregory is an ultra-endurance athlete and one of the three members of the Arabian Ocean Rowing Team. Together with James Raley and Rai Tamagnini, Toby is planning to row 5000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean, from La Gomera to English Harbour in Antigua, on an 8-meter-long rowing boat…

Toby discovered ocean rowing 12 years ago and has been working on the project since 2014. “Getting the right people was incredibly difficult because it is a project with lots of pressure and fears”, he told Euronews.

Once they set off, the team will be unsupported during the journey, which they anticipate will last for 50 days. 

“During that time, we will row two hours on, two hours off for 24 hours a day”, Toby says.

The team has been taking advantage of Dubai's climate, which has enabled them to train all year round. As well as training their bodies with weights, cardio exercises, yoga, and pilates, the team has had to train their minds.

 “We are going to be very tired. We are going to be mentally drained. And we are going to be emotional as well. That is when the room for error creeps in. I am going to rely on my team and they are going to rely on me two thousand percent. Ultimately, we count on each other for our own lives”, Toby added.

The team has partnered up with the UN Environment Programme for the Clean Seas campaign. Aside from raising awareness for the campaign, they will conduct tests during the expedition and provide data to scientists and students.

Toby and team practiceEuronews

The team is planning to start their journey in December to coincide with the best predicted weather conditions.

 “Everything we have been preparing and training for is the moment we will finally set off, and I simply cannot wait for it to arrive”, Toby says.