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Meet the first Jordanian woman to climb Mount Everest

Meet the first Jordanian woman to climb Mount Everest
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By Gorkem Sifael

Dolores Al Shelleh is a Jordanian adventurer and an impact influencer.

In 2015, while Dolores was working for a corporate company in Dubai, she felt the need to take on a new challenge and decided to climb mountains. “I always wanted to connect with nature and explore more of the world”, she told Euronews.

With no prior experience in mountaineering, she spent the following three years gradually increasing her portfolio. “I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mera Peak, and then I thought I should climb Mount Everest from the Tibetan side and become the first Arab woman doing that and achieve some history,” she said.

Dolores Al ShellehEuronews

Despite their training and preparations, Dolores and the other climbers in her team faced adversity during their 50-day-long journey to the top of the world. “I had bad days where I felt I cannot make it. All of us got sick at some point due to altitude [because] it is not natural for the body. But it was nice to see everybody connect as humans, regardless of our differences and support each other towards the shared goal."

The bad weather meant Dolores and her team had a small two to three days window to attempt their summit push. On May 23, 2019, Dolores became the first Jordanian woman to stand on the highest point on earth, and the first Arab woman to accomplish the feat from the northeast ridge. “I felt most alive, I felt most human,” she recalls.

Having gained a new perspective in life, when Dolores returned to her home in Dubai she decided to become a life coach and help others to achieve their own dreams. During her climbs, she focused on raising awareness about climate action for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and she is now creating content highlighting the importance of sustainable living. “I hope to achieve my new goals in Dubai, and move forward globally”, she added.