Is the McDonald's and Mariah Carey ad-campaign a climate change warning?

The singer is taking part in a festive promotion for the fast-food chain
The singer is taking part in a festive promotion for the fast-food chain Copyright Kamran Jebreili/AP
By Tim Gallagher
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The ad-campaign has received criticism for its amateur graphics but some on Twitter think it may carry a serious message.

All I want for Christmas is...a quarter pounder?


Mariah Carey’s ubiquitous song won’t be the only thing connecting her to the festive season this year, as the singer has teamed up with McDonald’s to promote a Christmas saver menu.

The ‘Mariah menu’ features favourite classics like the Big Mac, six chicken nuggets and Ms Carey’s favourite, the cheeseburger.

For 12 days from December 13th US customers who spend $1 on the McDonald’s app will get the day's menu item for free. Not your average advent calendar, that's for sure.

The menu's poster left customers very confused

McDonalds are rapidly in the business of celebrity partnerships as a means of attracting younger customers and gaining members for their loyalty program.

The fast-food chain has already partnered with K-Pop group BTS and rapper Travis Scott in an effort to attract Gen Z to their menu.

However, the ad-campaign for the Mariah Menu has raised a few eyebrows on Twitter where users were quick to point out the amateur graphic design feel of the promotional image.

Besides this some question why the 'Glitter'-star is standing on a sunny beach next to a submerged McDonald’s restaurant, not a typical Christmas scene.

Lately, McDonald’s have been busy trying to prove their green credentials with the release of the McPlant burger earlier this year and a pledge to reach net-zero by 2040. Some have suggested the campaign is a commentary on climate change, and Mariah’s signature whistle tone could be a siren call for action on carbon emissions.

One user described the Botticelli inspired tableaux as a "powerful statement on climate change" while another questioned whether Mariah would be the last woman standing after the earth is ravaged by extreme weather.

Twitter users were encouraged by McDonald's tackling of such a serious issue head on and questioned whether the advert showed the consequences of failure to limit CO2 emissions.

With negotiations at COP26 going down to the wire this week, could it be that Mimi and Maccies are trying to warn us to stick to 1.5C?


We can only hope.

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