Reaching the right audience,
driving brand impact.

We craft solutions
for your brand.

Our mission is to connect brands with their target audiences. We create 360 campaigns across platforms, collecting insights and developing solutions.

Euronews Embrace

Our in-house creative studio.


Case studies

Highlighting our best work.


Our product

From classic TV and digital ad formats to turn-key solutions, our portfolio is unique and adapted to every brand.

  • Live & virtual events
  • Innovative formats
  • Euronews Youtube
  • Social media
  • Precision targeting
  • Brand films & TVC production
  • Euronews-Newsletters_logos
    Email newsletters
  • CTV campaigns

management & optimisation

We follow a 5-step campaign management plan, measuring success with an innovative suite of key performance indicators.


Define audience segments, set targets and KPIs.


Deliver campaign objectives with high-performing formats.


Relentless attention to optimisation.


Analysis and reporting delivering performance and engagement metrics.


Post-campaign analysis, including audience profiles and affinity report.

Premium & connected

We target and engage with your digital audiences, effectively using behaviour, attitudes, and interests.

  • Travel enthusiasts
  • Culture lovers
  • Food, drink & culinary connoisseurs
  • Fashionistas
  • Generation green
  • C-Suite & Business decision-makers
  • Health & wellness
  • IT Professionals
  • Automotive enthusiasts
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Education & academia
  • Government & policymakers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Energy industry
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Gaming & gambling
  • Telecoms & utilities industry
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Science & discovery


Our programmatic experts create precise cross-platform targeting, using our first-party data in 12 languages to ensure brand safety, GDPR compliance, and high engagement for your campaigns.



Cost-effective buying solution employing data matching with limited targeting and access to formats. It has a lower priority in the bidding hierarchy.

Private auction


Access to all site sections and our first-party data with limited formats and targeting options.

Preferred deal


Higher bidding priority with access to our first-party and contextual targeting segments. 

Programmatic guaranteed


Premium inventory with guaranteed volumes, a full range of targeting capabilities and all formats.

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