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The leader in continental Europe.


For over 30 years, Euronews, the pan-European, multilingual global media, has delivered Europe’s voice on a global scale. We follow the latest EU news directly from our Brussels bureau and capital cities. With deep historical roots and unmatched expertise, we are recognized by half of all Europeans, and our content extends beyond news.

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Putting the spotlight on European rulemaking


Being the foremost international media for EU affairs and news, Euronews presents its content ecosystem focused on EU regulation.


Designed to empower key decision-makers in Brussels and influential figures across EU member states, this content hub comprising of a dedicated page and a newsletter, stands as the sole resource unraveling EU regulations in 12 languages, from Brussels and key European cities.

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Uncover Euronews verticals, our portfolio of digital destinations providing brand-safe environments,​ specialist insights, and inspiring stories, ​engaging with our audiences.​


The voice of Africa.


Presenting our sister channel Africanews, reporting African stories from a pan-African perspective for over five years.

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