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The integrity of our journalism inspires us to create stories that elevate your brand to enviable levels of awareness and engagement. We design, produce, and deliver campaigns in up to 10 languages, driving engagement with your brand across our broadcast and digital platforms.



Bronze Winner – Best partnership Category at the 2023 Grand Prix du Brand Content.





Silver Prize – International Campaign category at the 2022 Grand Prix du Brand Content.





Gold Winner – Best partnership category at the 2021 International Content Marketing Awards.


Award Finalist – In the ‘Professional Services’ category of the 2021 Drum Awards for Content.


Highly Commended – Best Native or Sponsored Content in the Program category at the 2021 B2B Drum Awards Content.

       But don’t take our word for it –

 we let our trusted partners do the talking.

  • “We believe the stories created by Euronews for Spain Food Nation campaign reflect the excellence and diversity of our Pantry and transmit very accurately the commitment of our industry to sustainability, innovation and authenticity. This series of episodes masterfully summarises the spirit of Spain Food & Drink Industry.”

    icex logo_circle

    María Peña, CEO ICEX (Spanish Agency for the Internationalisation of Enterprises)

  • “Euronews has satisfied the contract requirements and exceeded them in many areas. You were very cooperative and performed your tasks without solicitation”. We appreciate your collaboration and encourage you to keep the standard of services or provide higher standards”.

    Marcelle Akposso, Acting Division Manager, African Development Bank

  • “The Euronews Embrace team were amazing to work with. They took the time to understand our communication and marketing goals. They were responsive to our needs and delivered a brilliantly conceived campaign aligned with our Music’s Strategy. They developed the plan of the local music celebrity which resonated exceptionally well with the audiences in the market, especially UK and France”.

    Karyn Gruenberg, SVP Partner, Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Brand USA