Ukraine's former finance minister says businesses need to stop 'financing the bombs'

Ukraine's former finance minister
Ukraine's former finance minister   -  Copyright  Euronews
By Euronews

"We need to stop fuelling the Russian economy," said former Ukrainian finance minister Natalie Jaresko.

The global rich and powerful are once again schmoozing in the Swiss mountain village of Davos for a rare spring edition of the World Economic Forum. The weather isn't the only change this year, with Russia's war in Ukraine casting a long shadow. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy yesterday opened the summit by calling for “maximum” sanctions against Russia.

Former Ukrainian finance minister Natalie Ann Jaresko told Euronews exactly what she thinks the international community should be doing next.

"We really need to demand of our business community that they live by ESG principles: that they walk the walk instead of just talking the talk," Jaresko said.

"That means leaving the Russian market. That means no longer financing this war in Ukraine.

"Every dollar of taxes being paid by companies from the United States, France, Germany, Britain, and others that are staying and doing business in Russia today is financing the bombs raining down on the maternity hospitals, financing the soldiers who are raping children. We need to stop this, and we need to stop fuelling the Russian economy."

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