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Body language expert finds Guaido confident where Maduro emits 'anger'

Body language expert finds Guaido confident where Maduro emits 'anger'
By Camille Bello
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Euronews spoke to an analyst of non-verbal communication to get an insight into what Venezuela's Juan Guaido really thinks.


An important faction within Venezuela's armed forces is in support of ceasing "the usurpation" of Nicolas Maduro, the country's opposition leader, Juan Guaido, assured Venezuelans at the end of April.

And, according to Javier Torregrosa, an expert in non-verbal scientific communication, Guaido genuinely believed what he said.

"We can confirm that the information given by Juan Guaido is true, or, at least, true for him," Torregrosa said.

Torregrosa teaches scientific non-verbal communication in university and police environments, but confesses to Euronews his "speciality is not politics".

Despite this, Torregrosa is convinced that Guaido speaks from an honest place: "At the moment when Guaido affirms the loyalty that is being processed by the army, (23 seconds in the video below) we can see how his eyes turn to the left."

His reasoning? Well according to Torregrosa, when someone takes their eyes to the left "the brain is capable of processing true memories 1,000 times faster than in another ocular quadrant".

Later in Guaido's statement (28 seconds), a key "Yes True" gesture is performed, Torregrosa explained.

He said: "this gesture is executed in an unconscious manner, nodding to a thought about something".

But the speech is not without its doubts. According to the expert, Guaido stumbles in his assuredness when asking his fellow countrymen to take to the streets in protest (31 seconds).

At this moment, Torregrosa notes, a non-verbal communication analyst would pick up on the spontaneous rise of Guaido's shoulders "symbolising doubt".

This movement calculated with the lengthening of words and making "unjustified breaks" in speech, could signal some doubt.

The controversy with Maduro, Padrino López, and the US

Venezuela is at an unprecedented crossroads, where two opposing administrations believe the power to govern belongs to them.

For Nicolás Maduro, of course, Guaidó's statement is false, and he believes that his government has the "total loyalty" of the country's military leaders.

However, the version of events put forward by Guaido has the backing of Donald Trump's security advisor, John Bolton, who made such a statement on the White House Twitter account.

Speaking to camera, Bolton urged Venezuelans to speak to those in the military and government who had "agreed with Juan Guaido to transfer the power of Nicolas Maduro to the interim president".

Bolton specifically listed Venezuelan Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, chief judge of the supreme court Maikel Moreno and commander of the presidential guard Ivan Hernandez Dala in his video statement.

But both Lopez and Moreno have since claimed Bolton's statement was false - Padrino Lopez later gave a statement in the company of Maduro himself.

The declaration from Padrino Lopez has since gone viral, considering many Venezuelans believe the images say more than their words.


What does the expert think about non-verbal scientific communication and human behaviour in Lopez and Maduro?

Maduro exhibits an "undeniable excitement of anger", according to Torregrosa, which can be interpreted from his "v-shaped eyebrows and tight lips".

He added: "you really do not need to know verbal communication to realise the emotion that accompanies his face".

Padrino Lopez also reveals his true feelings through his "slightly arched" eyebrows and "hanging" mouth, which Torregrosa says indicates a sadness.

"The question is why?" he asked.

Padrino Lopez also "sticks out his tongue at the centre of his mouth at a high speed, revealing the deep discomfort of the character."


Dissecting the speech further, Torregrosa said Lopez turned to Maduro as the speech ended to look for approval.

Maduro, right at this moment, averts his eyes.

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