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Anger in Spain after MPs snub tribute to murdered female jogger

Anger in Spain after MPs snub tribute to murdered female jogger
By Mark Davis
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The case of Laura Luelmo has fed the online and real-life debate over violence committed against women


There has been growing online criticism of MPs in Spain after a tribute to a murdered teacher was held in an almost empty parliament.

Laura Luelmo went missing on December 12 while jogging near her home in Huelva, southern Spain. 

Her body was found five days later, and a neighbour has since confessed to her attempted rape and murder. 

The case received widespread attention in the Spanish press and social media, with many people lamenting a broken society in which women often fear for their safety each time they leave their home alone.

Luelmo's murder spawned widely followed hashtags such as #TodsSomosLaura ('we are all Laura') and #corrersinmiedo ('run without fear').

(Tweet, Rose: "No more key marks in the palm of your hand. No more pretending to make phone calls. No more running to your own front door and breathing a sigh of relief when you enter. No more saying 'I'm here just in case'. No more 'text me when you get home safe'. No more fear.")

(Tweet, Inés: "I feel powerless and incredibly disgusted. I can't even go out to exercise. We live in a constant state of tension each time we go into the street. Today it was Laura, tomorrow it could be someone else. Rest in peace.")

"They teach you not to go out alone in unlit places..."

Violence against women was an issue that struck a chord with the victim before she went on her fatal jog - one of her final actions on Twitter was to retweet a post that read: "They teach you not to go out alone in unlit places instead of teaching monsters not to be monsters, THAT is the problem."

On Wednesday, a silent tribute had been planned in Spain's lower house of parliament, but attendance among members was poor. Journalist Ignacio Escolar tweeted to ask: "Why were only a fifth of MPs in Congress during the minute of silence for Laura Luelmo?" 

Offline, real-life protests were also organised in various locations across Spain to demand action to combat violence committed against women.

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