Tajani on Raw Politics: Farage showed disrespect to Nazi victims

Antonio Tajani on Raw Politics
Antonio Tajani on Raw Politics
By Euronews
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European Parliament president continues 'history' row with Nigel Farage.


A row that broke out in the European Parliament between after Antonio Tajani and Nigel Farage has continued outside the chamber.

The British MEP told Euronews he had been treated like a naughty schoolboy while the parliament's president attacked a lack of respect for the victims of communism and nazism.

The dispute began when Syed Kamall infuriated fellow MEPs by claiming Nazism was a left-wing doctrine.

When Tajani responded by trying to unify the chamber by pointing out the role of the European Union in ending the scourges of Communism and Nazism, Farage let out a laugh, prompting a stern rebuke.

"For us as Europeans, this is a big problem, Nazism and Communism," Tajani told Euronews' Raw Politics later. "A lot of people [were] killed and the reaction of Mr Farage - 'hahahhaha' - we need to respect our values."

"If Mr Farage wants to live in a circus, this parliament is not a circus."

However, Farage defended his actions.

"I couldn't help myself, obviously I laughed," he told Euronews' Darren McCaffery, "Not out loud it was just a little snigger to myself but he lost his rag it was like: 'there's trouble in the class and it's always that naughty little boy Farage at the back' so he started screaming at me telling me I was a supporter of dictators, I mean quite bizarre stuff."

Speaking on Raw Politics, fellow UK MEP Steven Woolfe said he felt that the response to Kamall's words were typical of a more aggressive attitude towards Britain.

"There is a hostiility there towards some of those who have a different stance," he claimed.

However, German MEP Gabriele Zimmer claimed the problem had been caused by an ignorance of European history on the part of the British members in the Parliament.

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