Is the European Commission still transparent?

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Is the European Commission still transparent?

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has pledged to be transparent
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With the European Commission under fire over the manner in which it appointed Martin Selmayr to be its top civil servant, do MEPs think the European Commission is living up to its pledge to be transparent?

Euronews canvassed a panel of them. This is what they had to say.

Matthijs van Miltenburg, Dutch MEP (ALDE):

"I think it's pretty transparent but I think the European Commision could really improve its transparency and I think the recent nomination of Martin Selmayr really proved it."

Dariusz Rosati, Polish MEP (EPP):

"I don't see any problem with that. We have the European Parliament which is elected through universal (suffrage) elections. We have the European Council which is composed of the representatives of member states that are elected in their respective member states in a democratic way and we have the European Commission which is simply a collection of bureaucrats."

Gabriel Zimmer, German MEP (GUE-NGL)

"If people are in power, they think also they have the right to do what they'd like to do."