Melting glacier reveals WWII plane wreckage

Melting glacier reveals WWII plane wreckage
By Mark Armstrong

A melting glacier in Switzerland has uncovered the crash site of a World War Two plane that came down in the alps

Europe's heatwave has uncovered the wreckage of a World War II-era plane that crashed in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland 72 years ago. The Dakota, coming from Austria and bound for Italy, collided with the Gauli Glacier in poor visibility.

Debris from the warplane was found after the glacier it was buried under melted in the heat of this summer.

Four crew members and eight passengers were on board the plane, including high-ranking officers of the U.S. armed forces and some of their relatives.

Several people were injured, but there were no fatalities and all the people were found and brought to safety.

It marked the first time a rescue mission used an aircraft to land on a glacier and led to the creation of Switzerland's air rescue services.

In summer 2012, three young people found the propeller of the Dakota on the Gauli Glacier. Witnesses say now the ice has melted the crash site looks like a field full of debris

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