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A guide to taking a hassle free vacation

A guide to taking a hassle free vacation
By Euronews
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Although there is no single solution to all your travel related issues, you can always use some tips to improve the overall experience. There are things that you may have missed. Use the tips below that we created with the help of Nicholas Prewitt of Journey Connected to ensure that your next vacation getaway is hassle free.

The next time you travel, blending in with your new surroundings will help avoid some associated hassles. Wearing touristy clothes, country specific brands, and jewelry should be a no-no. Consider rocking the local dress code to ensure that you avoid attracting unnecessary attention. Pickpockets and terrorists, and other criminals, are less likely to target businesses and accommodation properties owned by locals.

According to Nicholas you should take the time to pick an appropriate, “theft repellent”, wardrobe, if you are worried about the likelihood of being robbed while abroad. Instead of walking around with a money belt, consider sewing passport sized pockets on the top of your trousers. Furthermore, you can discourage thieves using razor blades by lining your backpack with chicken wire at the bottom.

Ensure that your medications are all housed in their original packaging and are appropriately labeled; this applies to prescription medicine and even birth control pills. Consider asking your physician to furnish you with a letter showing your need for the medication. This will go a long way in convincing the authorities that you are not involved in smuggling drugs.

To help you find some of the hidden attractions in the destination you are travelling to, use social media platforms suggests Nicholas. Before you leave, as well as after you get to your vacation spot, ask your close family members and friends about the area; they may have some valuable insight if they have been there recently. From suggestions on accommodation options to shopping facilities, you will get a huge selection of useful tips.

Before you choose something to wear on the airplane ride to your destination, remember that shoes that slip off effortlessly are most comfortable. Since they can be put on and slipped off instantly, flip flops and crocs are best. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking try one of the many pairs on this site.

Remember to issue stop orders on utilities and cable services, if you intend to be away on holiday for a month or longer. If you have scheduled housekeeping and pool cleaning services, be sure to also inform them that you will be away as well. Taking these measures will give you peace of mind during the vacation period, making your time all the more relaxing.

Nicholas advises that you research about any national holidays, in the destination country, that coincide with your visit. Find out what such holiday mean for your stay, especially with regard to the closure of restaurants and other establishments. These holidays have an effect on your schedule. This may mean that you have nothing to do, meaning that you lose an entire day, if the locals are taking a day off; or in some cases give you a wider selection of options.

Having a hassle free vacation is essential. Taking suggestions from others on how to solve common issues is always helpful. Before taking your next vacation or business trip, arm yourself with this useful information. To ensure success, be sure to follow, to the letter, the suggestions made above.