Women beaten up in Iran for wearing headscarf 'improperly'

Women beaten up in Iran for wearing headscarf 'improperly'
By Euronews

Video prompts investigation by interior ministry.

A video has emerged that appears to show Iran's morality police beating up a women because she was deemed to be wearing her headscarf incorrectly.

A Facebook group aimed at campaigning to relax the law that requires women to cover their head in public posted a video that seemingly shows a woman being knocked to the ground by a female police officer.

The women, with a red hijab covering the back of her head, is seen being confronted by a pair of female officers. A scuffle breaks out during which the headscarf is knocked off completely and she is left in tears on the floor.

Contacted by Euronews, the journalist behind the "White Wednesdays" page asked that the identity of the activist who filmed the incident be withheld.

The video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times, prompting the interior ministry to order an investigation.

The country's vice president for women and family affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar Tweeted that she condemned the police action.

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