Madsen trial begins in Copenhagen

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By Robert Hackwill
Madsen trial begins in Copenhagen

The trial of Danish inventor Peter Madsen has begun in Copenhagen He faces charges of voluntary manslaughter, equivalent to murder, dismemberment, and sexual assault. He claims the death of a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine last August was an "accident".

"Madsen admits abusing a corpse, and he admits to breaking several laws regarding vessels at sea. He denies everything else. My client never said she died from gas, as some media suggested. He has said he doesn`t know what killed her, but that it was from an accident," said Madsen's defence lawyer Bettina Hald Engmark.

Thirty-year-old Kim Wall's headless torso was found washed up on a beach in late August, Madsen lied to investigators from the start once Wall was reported missing and it was only when her body was found after she had departed with the aerospace engineer and businessman for a demonstration that Madsen's story began to break down.

Madsen has admitted to indecently handling her corpse before dismembering Wall on board his submarine and dumping her body parts in the sea, but denies murder.