Palestinians protest in anger over Trump's Jerusalem announcement

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By Euronews
Palestinians protest in anger over Trump's Jerusalem announcement

Palestinians have protested in fury after Donald Trump shattered decades of unwavering US neutrality on Jerusalem. In Ramallah they took to the streets of the West bank city denouncing the United States as being biased in favour of what they called the "oppressor".

"Right now what we are asking for, we are asking the Palestinian Authority and the President Mahmoud Abbas to stop all the peace negotiations with the Israelis," said one protester

As more Palestinians demonstrated in Gaza both secular and Islamist factions have called for a general strike and rallies to protest at the Trump decision.

But among Israeli residents in the contested city of Jerusalem, Trump's move has been welcomed as a clear message that the United States stands with Israel and the Jewish people.

"Jerusalem was always the capital of Israel. And Israel didn`t need a formal recognition for it to be the capital. However, I think it is awesome that a country as powerful as the United States, as close to Israel as the United States is taking that step and recognising the capital," said Jerusalem resident Ron Feingold

A negative reaction across the region has been swift with Palestinians living in refugee camps in Lebanon equally driven to anger .

In the light of the unrest the US state department has recomended defering all non-essential travel to the region.

While in Turkey hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the US embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul condemning the US administration.