Kenya election 'credible' foreign observers say

Kenya election 'credible' foreign observers say
By Euronews

European Union urges candidates to accept defeat after leader of the opposition Raila Odingu claims foul play.

Foreign observers have said they are confident that Kenya’s general election on Tuesday was conducted fairly, despite opposition leader Raila Odinga’s claims the vote was rigged.

The European Union urged unsuccessful candidates to accept defeat, while African observers said the election was credible.

Odinga lost out to incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday, but insisted that the IT system of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission had been hacked.

Former US secretary of state John Kerry, who now heads the Carter Center Observers Delegation, said the poll’s integrity remained in tact.

“We call on all the candidates whether they are victors or losers in this race, to work within the rule of law and the legitimate dispute process in order to challenge any aspect of this election where they have evidence,” he said.

Tensions were high after Odinga’s claim of electoral fraud, and violent protests soon broke out across Kenya.

Police opened fire to disperse crowds of opposition supporters and two were allegedly shot dead amidst the chaos.

There were fears the country could see a return of the upheaval seen in 2007, when 1,100 Kenyans lost their lives and 600,000 were displaced following a disputed election.

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