Goat yoga becomes increasingly popular across the United States

As if practicing sun salutations and downward dogs in unusual places wasn’t fashionable enough, a new trend has been spreading across the United States.

Instructors hope that Yoga with goats will draw more people into exploring the practice. Especially with the promise of playing with baby goats.

At ’The Little Goat Farm at the Lake’, a dairy farm in Nokesville, Virginia, yoga fans from across Washington D.C, bend, twist and hold a pose under the curious gaze of the farm animals.

Goats of different sizes and colours nuzzle the guests, often jumping on their backs and nibbling on their hair as the students struggled to maintain their yoga poses.

Many guests bought bags of corn to feed the goats.

The classes, that can now be found from Oregon to Arizona to Massachusetts, encourage yoga practitioners to interact with goats, in an environment very different from a traditional yoga studio.