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'RESIST': Greenpeace takes the fight to the White House

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By Joanna Gill
'RESIST': Greenpeace takes the fight to the White House

The response from Greenpeace to Donald Trump’s decision to revive two major oil pipeline projects – a giant banner that reads ‘RESIST’.

“If you were to be sitting in the south lawn of the White House, the Ellipse, right now, you would see this banner framed against the White House. And the symbolism of that, of course, is that we re here specifically to protest this administration,” explained Jason Schwartz, a media officer at Greenpeace.

Environmental activists scaled a crane just blocks from the White House to protest what they say is Trump’s climate denial, racism, bigotry and misogyny.


Environment vs Fossil fuels

One day earlier, the new president resurrected the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, it is the latest move to erase his predecessor’s legacy. The projects had become a key battleground between environmentalists and the fossil fuel industry, as well as Native Americans, before Obama blocked them.

Making good on campaign promises, Trump said the projects would create thousands of construction jobs. He has also promised to slash US environmental regulation as a way to promote oil drilling and mining.

However, its clear he will face stiff resistance from those who want to protect the environment.