Danish radio station's rabbit execution sparks angry backlash

Danish radio station's rabbit execution sparks angry backlash
By Euronews
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Radio 24syv killed a baby rabbit live on air saying it wanted to highlight hypocrisy over animal welfare and provoke a debate.


A row has broken out in Denmark after a radio presenter took a baby rabbit and killed it live on air.

The host, Asger Juhl, said it was to highlight the hypocrisy of animal lovers.

Some critics thought it simply a publicity stunt for the station, Radio 24syv.

An animal rights campaigner invited into the studio for a debate reportedly tried and failed to save the rabbit when she realised the plan.

The presenter said he had taken expert advice from a Danish zoo before striking the rabbit twice on the neck with a bicycle pump. He claimed to have consulted a zookeeper who kills baby rabbits to feed to snakes.

Juhl added that he later took the rabbit home, skinned and cooked it for a meal with his children.

The exercise provoked an angry backlash that the station thoroughly expected.

This guy asgerjuhl</a> killed a rabbit live on the radio and claims it was humane... he hit it with a bike pump.... absolute vile human.</p>&mdash; Seapeekay (Seapeekay) May 26, 2015

MakeMeHoppy</a> Signed! Thanks so much for that petition. I truly feel sick of what happened today.</p>&mdash; Rob Visser (robvissernet) May 26, 2015

In a statement published on Facebook, the radio station drew a comparison with the livestock industry in Denmark, where pigs for slaughter are said to outnumber people.

Such animals endured horrific suffering on the way to the dinner table, it said, without provoking strong reactions.

What was needed was a debate about animal welfare – for ALL animals, it concluded.

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