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Hundreds of Kyiv citizens celebrated Easter

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Hundreds of Kyiv citizens celebrated Easter

Hundreds of Kyiv citizens celebrated Easter at St Michael’s Cathedral over the weekend.

The blue church has become a symbol of Ukraine’s Maiden Revolution after it sheltered demonstrators being forcibly dispersed by the regime in November 2013.

Some protesters, wounded by sniper fire, received medical treatment in the building.

Euronews spoke to some people outside the church and it was clear that events in the east of the country were on their mind.

“I’ll ask the lord to grant us peace and lay to rest the souls of all the dead soldiers,” said this young girl “I’ll ask that all people be granted good health”

“We should pray for peace, peace and peace again,” said another woman. “We should pray that people use their brains and keep the Lord in their souls, otherwise we won’t survive in this world.”

The traditional consecration of food and people took place outside the cathedral.

Some people said they had donated cakes and eggs to be sent to the soldiers in the east.