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"Stop selling weapons to dictators"

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By Euronews
"Stop selling weapons to dictators"

Tim is an activist working in Calais to support the migrants stranded in the northern french city in the hope of going to the UK. He slams on the policies of EU governments who support the regimes causing people to flee from their countries.

“As long as there are wars happening around the world, then people go in search of safety and security; so I would say stop selling the weapons to people and have some sort of amnesty on that, and stop making all the money out of selling weapons to whichever puppet dictator you want to support to continue taking the resource from their countries. There are still 3 million refugees living in refugee camps on the Sudanese-Chad border as a result of the war in Darfour which got a lot of publicity when it was at its height, but its still going on because as Bashir is still there, a puppet dictator wreaking havoc and keeping people living in fear with no hope of a life..They get forgotten about. Meantime resources from that country are being removed, it’s being acid stripped by the super rich. It’s a system which allows rich people to go wherever they want and exploit people throughout the world, but when those people who are exploited and whose lives are devastated and destroyed come in search of a bit of safety and security they’re told in no incertain terms that its not possible. If you see a problem with migration, go to the camps on Chad-Sudan border, go to Pakistan.. The number of migrants here is very tiny in comparison. And the violence of the State here in the form of daily police violence.. There’s A Human Rights Watch report.. It’s still happening on a daily basis here now. That’s what the guys here are saying. They want to go to the U.K for reasons of safety, linguistic reasons. The U.K was responsible for part of the problem in their countries for a number of years..The British were fighting talibans..people thought “you would be our friends”. Now it’s not even possible for people who were working as interpretors in the British army to get asylum. Now they have very little chances; What have we been doing in Afghanistan for the last ten years if it wasn’t making it a safe country? There’s pretty much zero chance for those from Afghanistan now. And of course its not a safe country.”