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Fighting at Donetsk airport escalates

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By Euronews
Fighting at Donetsk airport escalates

The battle for the international airport in Donetsk has escalated. A Ukrainian military spokesman said six of his troops were killed in attacks by separatists in 24 hours of clashes. Another 18 were wounded.

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko refuted claims that rebels had taken hold of the airport and said they had been repelled completely from around the new terminal, a strategic site in the east of the country.

Smoke was seen rising above the ruined buildings and the sounds of shelling could be heard at a distance. People in the city of Donetsk have spoken of their fear.

“It’s constant, constant. I already can’t make out who is shooting, where the shots come from. You sit, everything rattles, you think ‘will the house collapse, or will it not, will they hit or will they miss?’”, said Alexander of the fighting.

“You are more worried that, God forbid, it will come flying in when you are at home, this shell, what will happen? It is horrifying. I wish it would end soon,” added another resident, Lena.

The truce announced in December last year would appear to have ended with the upsurge in fighting while a planned meeting of the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany in Kazakhstan this week failed to take place.